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United Kingdom 15.-17.1.2018

Team Finland Visit to the United Kingdom on 15-17 January 2018

United Kingdom

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For more information please contact:


Ms. Meria Heikelä,
Director, Finpro UK, +44 7787 153 014

Ms. Paula Kivistö,
Senior Program Coordinator, Health Industry, Finpro, +358 40 343 3394

Ms. Lotta Eiroma,
Project Manager, Business and Media Delegations, Finpro,  +358 40 716 2628


Is UK in your focus? 

Team Finland has identified UK to be one of the top target markets for the Finnish health industry.

Travel to London, with Ms. Annika Saarikko, Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, to explore new business opportunities health industry in the UK has to offer to your company.

Interested? Click the tab below and register by 1 December and read more about the detailed practical information, costs involved and the program.

Why should your company go to the UK?

Digital health is a fast growing industry and it has great potential to improve access to healthcare.

Prevention is also high on the agenda for the health status of the entire population - increasing health awareness and integration of health and wellbeing for schools, the workforce and public.

Cancer is affecting more than one in three of people in the UK in their lifetimes. Patients will have access to state of the art new and upgraded linear accelerators (LINACs) across the country.

Senior sector is interesting as the 60+ population want products and lifestyle choice based on their own needs. Consumers have money to spend on things that they want not just need. There is a clear need for products and services in this area. LEARN MORE

Finpro will also organise a Team Finland Visit to Saudi Arabia and to the UAE on 24 January-1 February in connection with Arab Health, which is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the Middle East and North Africa - MENA region. It will take place in Dubai on 29 Jan-1 Feb. LEARN MORE

Participation fee
To cover the expenses, Finpro will charge a participation fee for arrangements in London on 15 –17 January 2018:
- Micro businesses and SMEs: EUR 1.105,- + 24% VAT per person  
- Major companies: EUR 1.300,- + 24% VAT per person   

Finpro will invoice the participation fee after the visit based on the actual costs. The invoiced fee will not exceed the amounts mentioned above. LEARN MORE