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Virtual 29/10

Finnish impulses to an economic powerhouse in transformation - Batteries from Finland workshop

This session is especially targeted at Finnish companies and other organizations active in battery ecosystem interested in opening and widening contacts and cooperation in Germany.

Register by October 22, 2020.

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Ilkka Homanen
Head of Batteries from Finland
+358 44 577 4430

Helmi-Nelli körkkö
Advisor, Business Finland Germany
+49 1517 3029 879

Global energy, built environment and mobility sectors are transforming towards low carbon, electrified future. In this transformation batteries and digitalization are playing a central enabling role. Expected global market is huge and estimates are updated upwards continuously.

On European level same drivers are transforming industries and batteries and digitalization are in central role as well. Finland has been active in this process through many platforms which relate to sector specific R&D&I, industry initiatives, programs, platforms and networks which are driving development on European level to ensure competitiveness and healthy future of these industries.

Germany is one of Europe's biggest and most attractive country in the ongoing transition. It is also a major influencer at EU level, for example in the context of standardization. In addition, Germany is home for a number of global actors in several sectors like in automotive, heavy duty, marine and energy. The opportunities to cooperate with these German companies can be considered as a potential gateway to global markets.

In the context of the forthcoming delegation journey, we will present Finnish expertise and offering within the battery ecosystem and open doors for discussions and future cooperation and business.

Workshop program 

(all times CET / EET)

10.15-10.20 / 11.15-11.20
Opening Words: "Batteries from Finland network at service for Germany", Speaker TBC

10.20-10.40 / 11.20-11.40
Expert Speech 1: "Bilateral growth opportunities – market view Germany", Speaker TBC

10.40-11.00 / 11.40-12.00
Expert Speech 2:"Industrial co-operation – German perspective", Speaker TBC

11.00-11.20 / 12.00-12.20
Expert Speech 3:"Sustainability as competitive edge - Battery recycling in Germany", Speaker TBC

11.20-11.40 / 12.20-12.40
Expert Speech 4: "Moving machinery electrification – German developments", Speaker TBC

11.40-11.45 / 12.40-12.45
Closing Words: "Way forward – towards intensified collaboration", Speaker TBC

Speed date b2b meetings will be offered after the workshop, further information on this will be sent to registered participants.