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Attractive work opportunities in the world’s happiest country

Advance your career in one of the world’s most innovative countries. Finland’s vibrant startup-scene and growing tech-sector offer exciting opportunities for English-speaking talents and professionals from around the world.

Come for the


stay for the happiness

In Finland, career opportunities and a high quality of life go hand in hand.

Technology is our main export, and the vibrant Finnish infrastructure of ambitious start-ups and established tech-companies attract talents and professionals from around the world. Finnish companies are breaking new ground in 5G, 6G, AI, robotics, mobile, industrial IoT and many other fields. And we have one of the world’s leading ICT and gaming-sectors. Do you know Angry Birds and Max Payne? Both are Finnish.

But it’s not just innovation that makes the country special. A high level of safety and trust, paid parental leave and four weeks of paid vacation are a few of the benefits, Finland has to offer.

Finnish companies focus on a good work-life balance. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life in Finland’s modern cities, spend time with your loved ones and experience the outstanding nature that can be found all over the country.

Find your
work life balance 

Companies in Finland place a high focus on work-life balance. The length of holidays and working days vary from field to field, but an 8-hour workday is the standard. It is also common to have four weeks of paid vacation each year. 

your career 

Finland is home to numerous established international tech companies and an ecosystem of ambitious tech start-ups. A culture of trust in the employees and a flat hierarchy creates exceptional opportunities for professional growth.

for families

Finland is a great place for families. Besides having one of the world’s best school systems, the focus on work-life balance coupled with paid parental leave makes it possible for families to spend a lot of quality time together.

How do I get to Finland?

Your path to Finland depends on where you come from and what your reason for moving is. The Finnish Immigration Service has made a tool that helps with the application for a residence and work permit and makes moving to Finland easier to navigate. 

With the new fast track service you can get your residence permit in 14 days!

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