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Brutally honest city for the curious explorers

Tampere is located in the heart of Finland. It is the second largest city region in the country and one of the fastest growing. In Tampere, there’s a high level of expertise in intelligent machines, imaging, mobile, healthtech and cleantech.

Experience social equality in the sauna capital​ of the world 

Tampere is an international and inclusive city that is known for its courage to grow and go forward. It is consistently rated as the most attractive city in Finland for tourism, living and studying - and it’s constantly evolving. Tampere is vibrant yet cosy, with a laid-back atmosphere. The city is famous for its industrial history, rock music, black sausage and high-tech expertise in a variety of exciting fields.

In Tampere, you get a high standard of living at a low cost. Come escape the chaos and enjoy the tranquillity of Tampere’s nature.