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Momentum for US companies

The webinar series for US companies to discuss how the American automotive industry can benefit from research and business taking place in Finland.

Why Finland 

The Future of automotive R&D

Date: Tuesday Aug 25, 2020 12 noon ET

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  • Welcoming address by Petra Söderling, Senior Advisor in USA, Digital Technologies, Invest in Finland, Business Finland
  • ‘Why Finland is a top location for international R&D’ by Ari Lylynoja, Senior Business Advisor, Investments and Global Operations at Business Tampere, and coordinator of Tampere Automotive Cluster.
  • ‘Germany’s Behr-Hella Thermocontrol display and touch screen R&D Center in Tampere, Finland’, Vesa Pelli, R&D Manager, BHTC
  • ‘American Axos creating breakthrough in-car camera research in Tampere, Finland’, Juha Alakarhu, VP of Imaging
About the webinar: 

Finland is home to dozens of startups and established companies building Smart and Connected Autonomous Vehicles that operate on land, air, and sea. International companies arrive and stay because of the highly attractive technical talent, in quality and concentration that is hard to find anywhere else.

Join us in a conversation with representatives from leading international companies in their fields to hear what is so special about Finland.

Multimodal UI

Computer Human Interaction in the Future Car

Date: Wednesday Aug 26, 2020 12 noon ET

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  • Roope Raisamo, Professor, Head of Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction (TAUCHI),
  • Ahmed Farooq, Interaction Design Researcher at Tampere University and Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow at Purdue University,
  • Mari Makkonen Marketing Director, Canatu, Timo Posio, Business Development Manager, Siili Auto,
  • Hasse Sinivaara Senior Technologist, Design innovations at TactoTek Group
About the webinar: 

Cars have turned into computers-on-wheels. The modern car has dozens of computer systems taking care of engine control, safety systems or networked services. The number of these systems will only increase in the future, promising us safer, better, more enjoyable voyage.

How can we make sure that not all these computer systems steal the driver’s attention? How to design interaction with car systems to feel effortless, intuitive, and non-distracting? How to give all the necessary information to drivers without overloading their brains? How to make it all safe?

On Wednesday August 26, 2020 at 12 noon ET we will live stream from Finland and discuss one such CHI project, the Origo steering wheel.

All of Invest in Finland services including these webinars are free of charge.


Very Long SW cycles

Mastering Very Long SW Cycles in Automotive Industry

Date: Thursday Oct 8, 2020 12 noon ET

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Welcoming address by Petra Söderling, Senior Advisor in USA, Digital Technologies, Invest in Finland, Business Finland

Mastering Very Long Automotive Software Life Cycles, Markku Tamski, Lead Software Architect at TietoEVRY

About the webinar: 

Software is commonly acknowledged as a major enabler of substantial changes in the automotive industry. Digitalization, connectivity, electrification, mobility services and ADAS/AD systems are all becoming standard elements in automotive design.

This trend has led to OEMs having to deal with the exponential increase in software content while attempting to reach software-development speeds typical of “digital-native companies”. What are these methods “digital-native companies” have used to reach their speed of development in increasingly complex software systems?

Markku Tamski, Lead Software Architect at TietoEVRY, has solid long-term experience in software and product development covering automotive as well as smart devices and connected services.

On October 8th we will broadcast live with Markku and discuss his white paper “Mastering Very Long Automotive Software Life Cycles”

This webinar is part of Invest in Finland’s Smart Mobility webinar series. All of Invest in Finland services including these webinars are free of charge.

Upcoming events

6G Flagships for the Connected Car

About the webinar

Fundamental research is 10-15 years ahead of industrial standards. However technology driven businesses need to identify trends in theoretical research and concept development in their field from early on. The high scientific quality and usability of the theoretical research and concept development by 6G Flagship researchers in Finland will be validated with functional components as well as early industry prototypes.

Printed Intelligence in Automobile

About the webinar

How printing intelligence and printed electronics are transforming how cars are being designed, built, and used. Flexible, organic materials inside your vehicle, surprising surfaces, and functional forms that mold into the human body. Introducing Finland based pilot manufacturing resources for the introduction of printed intelligence components, systems and products, from pilot production to early market trials.

The Moving Goalpost in Building and Testing for the Connected Car

About the webinar

How to design, build and test connected, autonomous vehicles while doing basic research in parallel. Automotive software engineering, intelligent systems, radio technology, optoelectronics and measurement technology, sensors and energy harvesters, machine vision research, big data analytics, human sciences, all pose challenges to the R&D team while they need to be finalizing and shipping consumer grade products.

Michigan – MOU Finnish/Michigan Opportunities in Batteries, Smart Mobility, Maritime and Bio Economy

About the webinar

Interested in learning about the Memorandum of Understanding between Finland and Michigan and how you can be involved?  Come join a webinar to discuss implementation and participation on the cooperation between Michigan and Finland in the areas related to: the automotive industry; battery technology solutions and energy storage; smart mobility solutions, including the maritime industry and autonomous shipping; and the sustainable forest bioeconomy.  We encourage all who are interested and/or working in these areas to join!

About the Organizer

Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 600 experts work in 40 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Invest in Finland is part of Business Finland. Our USA team serves American companies and research partners in making most of what Finland’s technology ecosystems have to offer.

Who should join

North American and international companies running research and development in the areas of connected car, 5G, autonomous vehicles, infotainment solutions, display and touch screen technologies, UI/UX solutions, CHI, novel materials, sensor hardware and software, data analytics, AI based recommendation and decision-making.


Senior Advisor, North America

Petra Söderling

+1 (408) 464 2911