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The corona crisis has created new societal needs and a demand for solutions. Business Finland responds to this need by offering research organizations an opportunity to apply for temporary Co-Creation funding to address the challenges caused by the corona crisis.
Funding can be applied for until June 30th, 2020.

What can the funding be used for?

Projects can include pilots, experimentations, validations and applied public research.

The projects to be funded must be closely linked to tackling the challenges caused by the corona crisis and to commercializing the solutions in a changing world. The mere disruption of one's own research activities due to the corona crisis is not enough to grant funding under the specific conditions set out here.

It is possible to apply for temporary funding for solutions related to:

  • Solutions that help in the corona crisis.
  • Renewal of industries (e.g. tourism, consumer business and healthcare) affected by the corona crisis, cases where a leap of competiveness within companies can be expected.

Temporary funding is not intended for projects already identified before the corona crisis.

If the implementation of the solution requires the approval of the authority or otherwise strong involvement, we require the applicant to discuss with the actors concerned in advance and attach to the application a statement or an opinion from the authority in question.

Funding criteria

The criteria and conditions for corona crisis financing are otherwise the same as for Co-Creation projects in general, but with the following exceptions:

  • Business Finland's funding covers 80% of the total eligible costs of the project.
  • The total eligible cost of an individual or joint Co-Creation project (idea) may not exceed EUR 300,000. A joint project may consist of projects from one or more research organizations. Each participating organization must submit its own application.
  • In a joint project, the research organizations draw up a joint project plan, which is attached to each organization's application. The partners of joint project must submit their applications at the same time. Top of the heading "Korona Co-Creation", followed by a common identifier if the same project involves several research organizations.
  • Actions may be, as in normal Co-Creation projects, but in addition, the projects can include applied industrial research.


Funding can be applied for until June 30th, 2020.

The duration of the projects is a maximum of six months and their implementation can continue even after the application deadline.

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