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Bone Index Finland Oy

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Healthcare Technology, Diagnostics/analytics
At the moment there are around 200 million people suffering from osteoporosis, only 25 percent of whom have received a diagnosis for the condition. In the EU and US, osteoporotic fractures cost society around 60 billion USD every year. One of the biggest problems is the poor availability of diagnostic tests, since bone density scans are mostly performed in large hospitals with DXA X-ray machines that take up a lot of space.

Bindex® is the world's first reliable point-of-care instrument to help in osteoporosis diagnosis. Bindex® measures the cortical bone thickness of the tibia and the algorithm calculates the Density Index, a parameter which estimates bone mineral density at the hip as measured with DXA. Bindex detects osteoporosis with 90% sensitivity and specificity and will significantly help physicians with diagnosis.

The number of over 50 year old women will triple over the next 40 years. Therefore the osteoporosis diagnostics and pharmaceutical market (7 billion USD) is significantly increasing due to increase of elderly population. This highlights the huge impact of Bindex® for healthcare system economics, osteoporosis diagnostics and for pharmaceutical market. For example, in US additional bone density measurements will produce over 2 billion USD savings for payers if all patients who fulfill the diagnostics criteria are measured.
Last updated 8.3.2019
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