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Clinic Helena

Field of business

Healthcare Technology, Wellbeing, Diagnostics/analytics
Clinic Helena presents innovative methods in breast cancer surgery and gynecology endoscopy operations, modern standards of exact diagnostics and cytostatic therapy. Sensing breast by Helena Puonti is a unique microneurovascular technology which restores sensitivity as the reconstructed breast recovers.

The newest technology and vast experience allows Clinic Helena to offer effective methods of deliverance from breast cancer and reconstruction after mastectomy.

• Breast cancer treatment
• Breast conserving surgery
• Reconstructive surgery after mastectomy
• Cytostatic and radiation therapy
• Gynecology
• All kinds of diagnostics
• Endoscopic surgery
• Plastic urogynaecology
• Infertility treatment
• Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Current Markets

China, Russia
Last updated 27.3.2020
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Clinic Helena