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Company basic info

Please fill in the form with your company details as well as long and short description. Using relevant keywords ensures the findability of your company. After adding the information please click "Preview". You are then shown a preview of the Company page, after which you can either return back to edit the information or save it and request for publication. Please note that the information you add to the service will be reviewed by Business Finland representatives, and it will be published only after it has been reviewed. Business Finland also reserves the right to modify the information. This service is free of charge for the Finnish companies.

company logo

Please use .jpg or .png format.

marketing pictures

Please use .jpg or .png format. Optimum size is 900x900 px., and max. size of the picture is 20 MB.


Please choose the most appropriate business areas for your business. You can make multiple selections.


Biobased products and technologies


Building & Construction

Chemicals & Plastics


Fashion & Design

Consulting & Engineering

Finnish Lifestyle

Consumer Goods

Creative & Media


Forest industries

Defence & Security

Education & Learning

Health & Wellbeing

ICT & Digitalization


Finance & Insurance

Smart Cities

Travel & Business Events



Transportation & Logistics


Please add the most important keywords describing your offering and customer target segments. This information is not shown anywhere but is used in the search and increases the findability of your company. If you have offering related to current Covid19 -situation, please add Crisis Management keyword to text area.

Custom Keywords

Custom business segments

current markets

Please select the current and future market areas.

Future markets

Please select the current and future market areas.

Contact info

Please fill in your company public contact information.

General company contact information

Fact sheet

You can add a fact sheet of your company or products in .pdf format. Max. file size is 20 MB.

Public contact persons

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Please specify a person who is responsible keeping your company information updated.

Before you submit Company information to Business Finland

Submit this form to the Business Finland Supplier List. The information in this form will be published once the Business Finland representatives have reviewed it. In case Business Finland needs to contact you, please fill in the information on who is responsible for the data input. The contact information will not be published but is collected only to ensure safety of the company you represent.

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