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Defence, Police, Security, Critical Communications, Banking, Insurance, Connectivity, AI, Health IT
Inscripta provides speech recognition solutions for healthcare and other industrial use cases. Our cloud-based solutions are extremely easy to adopt and require little to no integration work. Implementations can be carried out entirely virtually.

Our AI-driven speech recognition technology is language-agnostic and can be taught to comprehend which ever language, dialect or professional lingo. Existing use cases range from transcribing medical dictations in Finnish to interpreting Al Jazeera's broadcasts in Egyptian Arabic. In addition, we also specialize in call center transcription, which requires so called narrowband models optimized for lesser audio quality.

For high-volume classified use-cases we also offer the possibility for on-premise installations.

Current Markets

Finland, Netherlands, Sweden
Last updated 12.5.2020
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Tel: +358402541997

Hermannin rantatie 12 B

00580 Helsinki

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