Finnish Pharmaceutical Expertise

Finnish biobanks and associated legislation combined with cost-efficient clinical trials can effectively reduce time to market for new drugs, technologies and solutions.

Finland is a goldmine for drug discovery and Real World Evidence based research. This is a result of the systematic work started by the Finnish government in the 1960s. Today the health, social and welfare data stored in digital registries, combined with the 100% population penetration in electronic health records (EHR), make our health data unique in terms of breadth and depth.

What's more, all the electronic health data can be combined with the biological samples and phenotype data stored in the Finnish biobanks. The scientific and commercial application of the biobanks is further boosted by the globally unique Finnish Biobank Act of 2012. The act allows for recalling of the persons who have given their sample to the biobank.

In global comparison, Finns have a very positive opinion of research and they trust researchers. Consequently, patient recruitment for clinical trials is much more rapid compared to most other countries.

For these reasons, many global pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Merck and Roche, have already partnered up with Finnish biobanks and research institutions.