Medical devices & imaging

Medical devices & imaging

Digital health

Finland ranks among the three strongest health technology economies in the world, while digital health is its largest high-tech export. Multidisciplinary problem solving has raised the country among the main players of digital health.

Finland’s cutting-edge digital and mobile expertise stems from Nokia’s years on top of the global mobile phone business. Since then, the strong Finnish ICT knowhow has permeated nearly every industrial sector. Digital health technology is certainly one of the most compelling and promising fields.

Finland is one of the first countries in the world to set up a national digital patient data repository covering both the public and private healthcare sectors. All Finns have online access to their health records and their e-prescription history.

Finnish health technology ranges from x-ray and imaging equipment and in vitro diagnostics to wearable technology and implants, e.g. solutions that analyze an individual’s heartbeat or evaluate and adjust an athlete’s training program. Finland exports considerably more health technology than it imports. Health tech solutions are not only developed but also largely manufactured in Finland.

So, Finland is the home of top ICT expertise and advanced medical research. The result when these two meet? Outstanding digital health technology.

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