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100 billion industry with a Finnish twist

Angry Birds. Clash of Clans. Alan Wake. If you’re under 30 and live on planet Earth, you’ve played a game made in Finland. The Finnish game know-how means Scandinavia’s biggest game industry, and also delivers games that consistently top global download charts. 

World's leading gaming clan

We're a great place

Finland is the place to develop games. The world is looking at Finland when seeking the newest trends and innovations in gaming industry to invest in. The Finnish game engine combines creativeness with best technological talent and continuously produces new titles. It is no wonder that Finland has been ranked as the most innovative country in the 2020 index. We might be a small country in terms of population size, but our gaming society is substantial, active and welcoming all players on board.

Key factors behind the growth in Finland include a vibrant and robust gaming community, a globally connected hub of game developers, and the technologically creative brains behind it. Over 20 universities offer gaming educational programs attracting students from countries such as Germany, Japan, and Russia. We could also throw in the Finnish interest in hardcore coding and a sense of fun and playfulness.

And we're stable, safe, clean, know our English, more than well educated, have a free daycare and school and provide you with a quick startup permit.

Knew this? Finland is one of the three biggest game developer countries in Europe with turnover of €2,36 Bn in 2017, a third consecutive year when the turnover of the industry surpassed €2 Bn.

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Everybody is here

What's common with global game and tech giants AMD, Nvidia, EA, Ubisoft, Unity, and Zynga? They make great products, but are also present in Finland. So why not benefit from Finland's unique recipe? Business Finland helps you settle in, get connected and could also fund your game business development.

Many of our homegrown gaming companies have gone global but are still headquartered in Finland. Most of the Finnish gaming studios work on mobile games, like industry icons Rovio and Supercell. Consoles and PC are also covered, with titles like Quantum Break and Cities Skylines setting the bar for simulation and episode-based interactive gaming. Meanwhile, studios like Everywear Games and Small Giant Games are developing games for wearables and next-generation virtual and augmented reality apps. Smart games that make learning fun, such as Yousician and TeacherGaming, further widen and strengthen Finland's game development portfolio.

The public funding

Public funding has been available for game business development via Tekes since mid-90's enabling best ideas to be developed to world-class game titles and available for the international gaming arena. The funding also shares risk and attracts investors (+100 EUR million 2012-2017). This work continues in Business Finland.

Companies registered in Finland can apply funding for game business development from Business Finland.

Business Finland funding for game companies is grant (de minimis subsidy) or loan. The funding is normal Business Finland funding and can cover part of the project costs. No ownership is claimed.

Business Finland can fund game companies when:

  • company develops new game concepts, game platforms or game development tools
  • company develops new operation and business models and cross media concepts and formats
  • company uses gamification in development of new product and service concepts

Before applying for funding

1. Make sure that you have:

  • company founded and registered in Finland
  • up-to-date business plan
  • committed founders with game business experience
  • own funding

2. See our site for game business funding

3. Contact our game business advisors

On your way already? Contact us and let Finland work for you too.



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