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Milky way leads to Finland

Finnish dairy is superior quality. We have the world's purest milk, something we've accomplished through long-term attention on the whole production chain.

Finns consume one of the highest amounts of milk per capita in the world. The consumption of milk per person is about 130 litres per year. This means 3.55 decilitres per person, every day!

It's about animal welfare and purity

Dairy farming has been an integral part of agriculture since prehistoric times in Finland. Today, Finland is a leader in devoting research, production and a huge shelf-space of milk and many other dairy products. There are no easy gimmicks that would work in the dairy industry to make quality better. Animal welfare and product purity require constant investments and patient commitment. Many of the dairy innovations revolve around bringing more nutritional value to customers while exceeding all other expectations. Finnish dairy companies have been investing in product development of lactose-free products for decades always concentrating on the flavour too.