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Phenomenon named Lactose-free

From delicious ice creams to tasty cheese, Finns make sure you never need miss out on the foods you love. Behind every lactose-free product is devoted researcher and lots of working hours.

The Finns love milk. In fact, Finland’s passion for dairy can be traced back to 2500 BC, according to research by the Universities of Bristol and Helsinki. But if we are a milk-lover nation, why do we have such a wide range of lactose-free products ? It might be in consuming. Because Finns consume so much dairy products, it comes up easily that a person has lactose intolerance.

This leads to a strong food research. Finland is a leader in devoting research, production and shelf-space to low-lactose or lactose-free variations of milk and many other dairy products. We have a wide variety of lactose-free yogurts, cheese and ice creams can be found as well as tasty quark [rahka].