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Safe and mouth-watering

Thanks to the pure and clean nature Finnish meat, fish and eggs are among the top quality in the whole earth. The top export meats are pork and poultry.

Supply chain integrity. Healthy animals. Excellent livestock welfare. No hormones and low antibiotics use. Highly regulated purity. These are the hallmarks of the Finnish meat industry. Despite being a small country, our meat industry has a big reputation.

One health

We Finns are honest people. That is why our meat supply chain is as transparent as can be. In a world where more people are becoming aware of how their food is produced; along with an emphasis on local, small batch production; and ethical treatment of animals, one of the stand-out qualities of the Finnish meat industry is that there has never been large scale commercialised farming. Finland has a good grasp of the One Health concept. It means that the health of people, animals and the environment are closely linked with each other. Finnish legislation also considers the environment to keep our One Health in check. Conservative use of pesticides can be seen as one concrete example.

Pure food

Compared to international findings, Finnish food contains fewer contaminants, if at all. Food contaminants include residues from pesticides in vegetables and antibiotics in meat. Purity is also linked to microbiological quality. Salmonella is a good example: it is very rare in Finland.