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Smart health is the future

Finland is pioneering the future of healthcare. Its roots in innovation and foresight is driving the integration of R&D, ICT, digital, data, genomics, precision medicine, sensors, and much more. The outcome will be patient centric and patient-lead Smart Health.

Finland has the most efficient healthcare system in the world. It invests in initiatives catalyzing new solutions that solve current and future healthcare needs. It has 100% of real-world data that enables the efficient and effective pathway of taking ideas to bedside. And, it has established both national ecosystems and test beds to accelerate and solve healthcare challenges.

Having the most efficient healthcare system in the world also stems from world class R&D and thoughtful investments in ideas and companies and programs to refine and grow them. Business Finland is leading the commercialization of innovations spearheading two new initiatives: Personalized Health and Smart Life. Combined, these two programs, funded at close to 1 million euros, address healthcare along the “4P” continuum – predict, prevent, personalize, participate.

Personalized Health from Individual Care

One of the megatrends in healthcare is the transformation of treatment towards individual care. By identifying individual effects through genetic research overlaid with health data, the ability to treat the right patient with the right drug at the right dose is made possible. Furthermore, this will lead to being able to anticipate and even prevent diseases.

The Personalized Health Finland program enables this initiative. It supports Finnish innovation and top-level research to create new healthcare platforms and businesses. It will leverage Finnish data from biobanks, health registries, prescriptions, patient reported outcomes, social care, and social determinants of health furthering the potential of personalized medicine.

On an operational level, the program addresses the scientific and business needs of companies in parallel with establishing a forum to exchange ideas and attract co-development and investment partners. Utilizing information on each person that is already digitized will lead to added value and insight for both individuals and populations. Personal Health Finland will create new global ecosystems and while solidifying Finland’s position as the leader in personalized medicine.

Digital Solutions for a Healthy Life

People are increasingly interested in their own health and wellbeing, and hopefully also taking responsibility for it. Changing population demographics and dynamics are impacting the workplace and lives of many. Chronic illness is growing while its prevention is moving at a slower speed. There is an ever-increasing global need for predictive and preventative care anywhere. It is becoming critical to develop fully digitized solutions that are scalable, affordable, and easy to use for patients and providers alike. Finland’s long-standing leadership role in integration of mobile, digital, and data is creating a new paradigm in healthcare delivery.

The Smart Life Finland program unifies and advances the development of health and wellbeing solutions that are based in digitalization, exponential technologies (i.e. XR, AI, 5G), the platform economy, and testbed environments.  Healthcare anywhere, anytime is coming of age.

The Smart Life Finland program has two focus areas:

A living environment that promotes health and wellbeing

  • Solutions and services related to smart homes and living environments, nutrition, efficient data utilization, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality

Transforming healthcare 

  • Solutions and services for the whole care path: virtual hospitals, testbed environments, remote monitoring, diagnostics and other mobile and homecare solutions. 

Often the greatest advances are made together. Networking across sectoral, national, and global boundaries, as well as cooperation with research organizations can open up entirely new growth prospects. Companies can boost their outreach by creating joint offerings that address today’s medical and population needs.

Finland may be the best place in the world for developing and testing digital health and wellbeing solutions. Let Finland work for you.

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