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Strong in Digital health

Finland ranks among the three strongest health technology economies in the world. Our approach to multidisciplinary problem solving enabled by our digital and mobile competency has established Finland as a pioneer in this field.

Digital health in practice

Finland thinks digital and we are a pioneer in digital health. Finland is the first country in the world that has digitized national health registries originating in the 1960s. We have also digitized biobank data from the 1920s. The combination of our digital mindset and approach to solving healthcare problems with our rich data repositories has enabled us to address patients' problems utilizing real-world data.

Despite being the second most advanced digital economy in the EU (DESI) our advance in digital health and genomics are second to none. There is 100% penetration of electronic health records (EHR) and Finland has the only EHR in the world where clinical and social data are layered on top of each other. Furthermore all Finns have 100% access to their EHR and encouraged to contribute to it. This adds a very unique third layer of data to the EHR, which is real-time patient-reported outcomes. The fourth layer of the EHRs is e-prescription history and soon patient-drug interaction.

Helsinki University Hospital has fully-integrated digital, data, and brainpower into a unique, forward-thinking ecosystem called Clever Health Network.

Digital as a springboard for growth

While we may be growing from a binary perspective, we think and advance in 3D. Finland has made significant advances in heathcare AI and AR/VR. We are the first to have applied AI and deep learning in healthcare. In parallel, we have made advances in the use of AR/VR for medical training and assisting doctors in preparing for complex surgical procedures.

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