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Finnish expertise setting a new gold standard

Researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and clinicians are all excited about the advancements in precision medicine. The readily available genomic, longitudinal, and biobank data in Finland brings 100% real world data to life. 

Finnish data is unique in terms of breadth and depth. It is fully digitized and assessible reflecting recent legislation – Finnish Biobank Act (2012) and Act on the Secondary Use of Health and Social Data (2019).  It is further linked to electronic health records, which in Finland have a 100% penetration and include all clinical information, social care, prescription records, patient reported outcomes, and biobank and genomic data.

Biobank data originated in the 1920s and the first health registries (cancer) were started in 1953. The longevity and systematic collection of the data makes for more impactful research, cost-efficient clinical trials, and a significant reduction in both the cost of developing new drugs and the time to market. This makes Finland the ultimate research site and partner where real-world data and real-world evidence represent the new norm.

The Finnish government, as are Finns, are pro-research. Finland invested 1.8 billion euros in 2018 into R&D. The country's systematic and long-term investment practice is not only strategically positioning Finland as a healthcare leader but allows for the rapid recruitment of the best patients for clinical trials.

The Finnish healthcare ecosystem has proven to be the best-in-class environment for pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to accelerate their research and make significant breakthroughs. Pfizer, Merck, Bayer, Biogen, Celgene, Genetecg, GSK, Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Snofi, and Roche have already partnered with Finland.

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Sampo Sammalisto
Progam Manager, Personalized Health
sampo.sammalisto (at)