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Finland is an attractive health travel destination with e.g. cancer treatment results ranking among the highest in the world. Finland is a reliable partner in healthcare with innovative doctors, many of them being international opinion leaders in their respective fields.

The results achieved by Finnish healthcare are world class in many areas, for example in the effectiveness of specialized medical care, in decreasing cancer mortality, and in screening and vaccination coverage. The quick adaptation of latest research results and use of high technology in diagnostics, care and aftercare ensure positive results in the treatment of many serious diseases.

Cancer treatment

Cancer patient survival rates in Finland are among the best in Europe. The collaboration between cancer researchers and doctors creates a foundation for evidence-based, multidisciplinary and increasingly individualized care.

According to the latest CONCORD-3 study, the 5-year survival rate for most cancers in Finland is among the highest in the world. In terms of 5-year survival rate, Finland is the third best country in Europe in treating prostate, breast and adult’s brain cancer. For example, 93.2 % of patients with prostate cancer live five years after the diagnosis.

Orthopedics and sports medicine

Finland has a strong emphasis on orthopedics and traumatology in the healthcare system. Orthopedics and traumatology are the largest surgical subspecialties in Finland in terms of the number of surgeries performed. The results in the Finnish sports medicine and in the joint replacement surgery have received high accolades from the international media, such as The New York Times and Forbes magazine.

The level of scientific clinical expertise of the Finnish orthopedists is high, as testified by the related articles publication rate in TOP15 international scientific orthopedic journals, being ahead of Germany and the United States. Finland is frequently visited by international level sportsmen for the treatment of sports injuries.

Finland offers:

  • Quick admission and seamless care
  • Top-ranking treatment results
  • Multi-disciplinary, evidence-based care
  • Latest technology and drugs
  • High-class hospital facilities
  • World-known professionals
  • Multilingual staff
  • Competitive & transparent pricing
  • Clean and safe environment

Finland has a number of private clinics that welcome international patients and work with international hospitals, patient facilitators and insurance companies and continuously look for new partners.

More information on health travel to Finland

Finland is also an attractive destination for professional development for doctors and other healthcare professionals. We also welcome healthcare administration and government officials to get to know the Finnish healthcare system including the famous maternity and child health care clinics as well as the life and living centres for senior citizens.



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