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A safe and secure place for business

In Finland, we have this thing called open society that loves privacy.

Digital Trust

Finland is the most innovative, trustable and safest partner in critical communication, cyber security and smart finance solutions and technologies. As a partner Finland will enable digitally safe society and a predictable environment. Finland´s experience and talent of critical communication is the best in the world.

World Ideas in Public Safety

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world. We are a global superpower in public safety, with some of the world’s most innovative companies in critical communications and cyber security. We simply know how to keep societies safe, stable and resilient.




We are currently updating our offering material. If you have any questions related to Finnish digital trust know-how and companies, please contact Ms. Kirsi Kokko, kirsi.kokko (at)

In Finland everything is connected. From traffic lights to the electricity grid, connected infrastructure supports innovative digital solutions across all main sectors of the economy. When everything is connected, safety and security is more important than ever. That is why it is built into the design of products, services and processes from the beginning.

Digital Trust means peace of mind that comes from doing business in a secure and predictable digital society with world-class cyber security, public safety and Fintech solutions.

Digitalization will challenge the societies safe and trustable digital environment globally. In order for society being able to operate efficiently and utilize the possibilities that digital transformation can offer digital solutions need to be safe and trustable.

Quickly gaining experience with new technology like IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence helps create digital trust.

With only about 5 million native speakers and reputation for being difficult to learn, the Finnish language is a powerful encryption protocol in itself. Finns also benefit from an education system built on mathematics, science and technology. No wonder innovations like the SSH encryption protocol were originally developed in Finland.

Today, Finland continues to be the undisputed cyber security leader, with nearly 100 companies operating in the sector. Whether global player or determined startups, these companies cover the entire cyber-security ecosystem, from virus prevention and identity management to vulnerability analyses and compliance testing.

In Finland we believe in working together

Strong partnerships between research, government and business create digital trust through technology-based ecosystems built around sharing and cooperation.

Critical communication

All Finnish public safety authorities use the same national radio communications network and mobile field command solutions to provide real-time situational awareness.

Cyber security

90 % of the world's data centers use SSH Communications Security as their solution provider. SSH was invented in Finland. 60 cyber security innovations from Finland are used around the globe. The Finnish government, JYVSECTEC (Jyväskylä Security Technology) and JAMK (Jyväskylä Polytechnic University) conduct annual national cyber security exercises together.


Finland has core expertise in encryption, data privacy, threat prevention and identity management solutions – all of which are key drivers of the digital trust that is required for successful fintech companies. Findy is a decentralized identity network for individuals, organizations and things. It is governed and operated co-operatively by Finnish public and private organizations. There are 170 fintech startups in Finland. 93 % of the Finnish population uses online banking services and innovations such as mobile wallet.

F-Secure is probably the best-known Finnish security and data-protection company – a pioneer in end-to end cyber security solutions for business and consumers.

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digital trust

Finland has earned a formidable reputation in the cyber security field, with core expertise in encryption, data privacy, threat prevention and identity management solutions. The Finnish cyber security sector comprises close to one hundred companies, from global players to innovative startups.

Finland offers an exceptional communications technology ecosystem for global companies, with outstanding connectivity expertise, mastery of new technologies and top-notch cyber security skills and R&D capabilities. The first SMS and wearable heart-rate monitor were created in Finland. A pioneer in mobile phone technology, Finland is now ready to lead the world with 5G.

Finland is the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world (ITIF 2016). The R&D expenditure in Finland was 2.9 % of GDB in 2015.

The R&D framework builds on a strong emphasis of IPR protection. It is noteworthy that in a joint R&D project, the IPR is the property of a company, not a research institution or a university in Finland. This encourages companies to develop and test their new digital services in Finland. The most advanced 5G test network brings together, for the first time, the "big three" – Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei – proving the ultimate openness of the ecosystem.

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