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Ylläs, Lapland


June 19 to 22, 2023


Monday, June 19

Departures from home destinations
Arrivals at Helsinki Airport
Meet your Visit Finland host XX at the gate to Kittilä at Helsinki Airport
20:05 Departure AY 577 from Helsinki 
21:35 Arrival at Kittilä Airport
Transfer to Ylläs (45 min)
22:45 Meet your Ylläs host Ms Laura Kolari, check-in at the cabin
23:00 Evening snack 

Tuesday, June 20

09:00 Breakfast delivered to the cabin
10:00 Paddling at Ylläs Experience
Experience canoeing on a river in the beautiful scenery. At first, every participant gets an introduction to the equipment and paddling techniques.
13:30 Lunch at Jolie Lounge & Cafe
14:30 Taxi to Ylläs ski resort, Ylläsjärvi
14:45 Gondola to the top and little snack at Ylläskammi718
The gondola lift takes visitors to the top of Ylläs, at 719 meters, in as fast as seven minutes. The gondola offers wonderful scenery in all seasons.
16:30 Walk down to the cabin
18:30 Taxi pick up from the cabin
18:45 Dinner at restaurant Rouhe  
19:45 Walk to sauna to Ylläksen Yöpuu 
20:00 Authentic Finnish sauna by the lake at Ylläksen Yöpuu
Enjoy the wonderful heat of a traditional Finnish sauna, heated by the wood. Rest by the fireplace and have a refreshing dip in the lake, admiring the surrounding nature.

Wednesday, June 21

09:00 Breakfast delivered in the cabin
10:30 Electric fat bike experience
Fatbike tour is ridden by premium quality electric assist Fatbikes. Thanks to this wide tire "ATV" you'll get to see more of our beautiful landscapes with less effort and have more fun on the way. You'll be smiling throught your entire ride, even on the uphills! During the trip, you'll take a lunch break in a cute wilderness cafe.
14:30 Easy, guided Icelandic horseback riding in nature
Small, sturdy and good natured horses are ideal for experiencing the unique nature of Lapland. Relax and let a horse take you on a wonderful adventure.
16:30 Taxi to the cabin. Little rest.
18:30 Taxi pick up from the cabin
18:45 Dinner at restaurant Saaga. The three-course local menu is a tribute to the magnificent ingredients from the North.
20:00 Soft and relaxing outdoor meditation at Aava Lapland.
21:00 Taxi to the cabin
21:15 Little snack at the cabin


Thursday, June 22

Breakfast and check-out
10:30 Taxi to the Visitor Center Kellokas
There are nature and culture exhibitions at the Visitor Center. 'Meän elämää' exhibition at the Visitor Center introduces visitors to local nature and culture. The exhibition area also includes changing art exhibitions.
11:45 Departure to Kittilä airport
14:25 Flight AY 574 to Helsinki
15:40 Arrival at Helsinki Airport
Flights to home destinations

Thank you for visiting Finland!


Monday 19.6.2023
To Kittilä via Helsinki

Thursday 22.6.2023 
To home destinations via Helsinki



Follow the weather


Bring along

  • Comfortable and weatherproof outdoor clothing
    (including good walking shoes)
  • Swimming suit for Sauna
  • Happy mood

Sustainable Travel Finland

To help the travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. The programme is designed for tourism companies and destinations in Finland to systematically adapt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations that undergo the entire programme are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

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