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Educational Travel Fam Trip and Workshop 19.-23.9.2022

For tour operators from Japan, by invitation only

Welcome to discover Educational camp school destinations in the regions of Forssa, Satakunta, Turku and Helsinki!

Equal opportunities and continuous learning throughout life are among the guiding principles of the Finnish society. Finland differs from many other high-ranking PISA countries by having comparatively short school days, little focus on homework and exams and preference of experimental learning out in the nature. This is reflected on the satisfaction of the Finnish pupils – they stand out from their peers in terms of how happy they feel with their own lives. No wonder Finland has been selected as the happiest nation in the world already 5 times in a row!

Finland is one of the pioneers of sustainability development and the theme is also a key content in the national curriculum. In 2015, the member countries of the UN agreed upon a programme for sustainability development, and 17 detailed Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Finland has been one of the first countries to implement the programme, with local focus themes “Carbon-neutral and resource-wise Finland”, and “a non-discriminating, equal and highly skilled Finland”.

One of the main goals for the Finnish travel industry is to develop products and service structures within sustainable tourism, raise sustainability issues in tourism promotion, and to steer tourists to follow the sustainability principles when arriving to Finland. These targets are the basis for the development of Sustainable Travel Finland –programme and Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label.

During the trip, you will see how sustainability is an everyday topic made up of small, individual tasks of recycling, saving water and energy, bringing back your own garbage from the forest, respecting the learning of the local school community, and so forth. And maybe you will also discover why Finland is the happiest nation in the world?

Preliminary program

Monday 19.9.

05.00 Arriving Helsinki with Finnair flight AY074
Transfer from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Forssa with Rajalan Liikenne, (duration. 1½ hours). The bus will wait at airport's charter bus platform (near Scandic Hotel) with a sign VISIT FINLAND

07.30 Breakfast at a local bakery Antin Konditoria and a meeting with local host Tourism Coordinator Mrs. Mari Noromies-Wahl

08.30 Visit to Forssa Museum and The Pattern Centre
Forssa was established around the textile industry. Visit at the Forssa museum and recently opened Pattern Centre located at the beautiful Spinning Mill area. The new exhibition tells the story of Finnish textile printing, an industry that began in Forssa in the 1860´s and from 1930s as an important part of Finlayson Co. The patterns designed at Forssa have emerged in international clothing fashion as Finlayson has gained momentum with a partnership with global Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.
Museum director Mrs. Kati Kivimäki and museum coordinator Mrs. Reika Vesala

10.30 Visit to The School of Fine Arts
Visit at public art school, established 1984, which provides extensive basic art education mainly to children and young people in Forssa. At the school, children learn to use a variety of materials, work together and appreciate own and other students' work. The School of Fine Arts works closely with local companies and circular economy companies in particular are material banks for young artists.
Head teacher Mrs. Teija Lauronen

11.30 Lunch at Hotel Fabrik's restaurant Villa

12.30 Visit to Forssa Fabric / Rykkeri Design
Let´s take a time travel to the turn of the 1960s and 1970s, when the handicraft textile printing had a strong era in the textile industry in Finland. The technology enables e.g. printing large pattern surfaces. Forssa Fabric prints the fabric with Finland's only handcrafted flatbed printing equipment for own Rykkeri collection and for a wide range of customers. Visits are organized for all age groups, from kindergarten and school groups to companies.
Entrepreneurs Mrs. Outi Saaristo and Mrs. Marjut Pylkkänen-Kujamäki

13.30 Visit to Finlayson Factory outlet. Widely known Finnish textile brand Finlayson has a significant role in the history of Forssa. Time for shopping

14.15 Visit to C.P.E. Production. Coffee/tea break.
C.P.E. Production is a market leader of military and defence garmets and textiles. During the visit, we experience the content of the company's technical visit product in practice.
Managing director Mr. Harri Kolu

15.30 Departure by bus to Eerikkilä, Tammela

16:00 Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort, check-in
Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor resort is located in Tammela next to two beautiful national parks. A school camp at Eerikkilä is a dream come true for every young sports or nature enthusiast. In Eerikkilä you can learn and experience new things in an inspirational atmosphere. Eerikkilä offers nature education, lots of activities, visits in local schools and of course sights and attractions in Forssa, Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna can be included to the program

17.00 Introduction to Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resorts facilities and educational travel products. Dinner at Eerikkilä restaurant.
Meeting at reception with Marketing manager Mrs. Laura Sirén and Account manager Mrs. Marika Nummela 

Tuesday 20.9.

Breakfast at Eerikkilä, check-out

08.30 Departure by bus from Tammela to Kokemäki

10.00 Visit to Kokemäki middle school and upper secondary school

11.15 Visit to Ali-Ketola farm. Buffet lunch
The Ali-Ketola farm is located in the town of Kokemäki in beautiful surroundings by the Kokemäenjoki river. Ali-Ketola is the right place for those who are looking for the peace and quiet of the countryside and beautiful natural scenery, as well as high-quality accommodation and exciting activities. Here You will accommodate in cosy twin rooms with private facilities. Group leaders can accommodate at private villa at the farm premises. Common living room and rural-style stone restaurant are at your usal, where you enjoy nutritious meals throughout the day.

The farm also offers a variety of Finnish saunas from traditional to modern. Activities include baking, canoeing, fishing or swimming at the riverside, bathing in traditional smoke sauna, or forging your lucky amulet with the blacksmith. Local excursion options are visit to reindeer farm, hiking or picking berries in the forest of nearby national park Puurijärvi-Isosuo, where you can also climb to one of the highest birdwatching tower of Nordic countries and spot some birds in their natural habitat.

12.50 Transfer to Pitkäjärvi Recreational Centre

13.10 Visit to Pitkäjärvi Recreational Centre, short fatbike ride around the premises and coffee/tea break.
Pitkäjärvi Recreational Centre provides a safe and magnificent setting for sporty camps all year round. The area offers several opportunities to try different sports in various fields and courses in one large yard amid pure and soothing nature.

Pitkäjärvi provides accommodation in functional hostels that include all the necessary amenities. Restaurant chefs make sure that all camp meals are healthy and tasty. Facilities are also perfect for longer-term sports camps. ABC of wellbeing; various physical exercises, healthy food and fresh air by lake and forest!

14.40 Departure by bus from Kokemäki to Pori

15.40 - 16.40 Guided mini-tour ‘Pori in a Nutshell’, bus transfer to Yyteri

Pori is the 10th largest city of Finland with over 83 000 habitants. Pori brands itself sarcastically “totally weird, absolutely unique”! It is also the 9th oldest city of Finland, established in 1550’s by Duke John, son of the Swedish King. Pori is a capital city of Satakunta Region abundant with modern technology, high-quality education, sports, agriculture, events and services.

Pori center and surroundings is awarded by status of National Urban Park, one of 10 in Finland. In Pori this status means valuable culture heritage in the form of historical buildings and natural landscapes with green parks and fields, lush forests and riverside islets. The largest river delta area of Nordic countries, Kokemäenjoki river delta, flows from here to the seaside 20 km further, Yyteri. There it meets Bothnian Sea National Park with sandy dunes, bird flatlands, and outer archipelago.

16.40 - 17.30 Visit to Yyteri Beach Resort

Yyteri Beach Resort consists of sun, sand and sea. Accommodation in modern, high-quality log villas reveals the secrets of relaxing Finnish summer villa -lifestyle. In Yyteri Beach villas you can listen to the roaring sound of the sea, admire the beautiful sunset across the horizon, and feel the breeze on your skin. The enchanting seaside nature and Bothnian Sea National Park allows to explore many trails and paths, and experience various outdoor activities from ropeway adventures to fatbiking and birdwatching.

17.30 - 18.10 by bus to see Yyteri Dunes
In Pori You have the opportunity to visit one the longest sandy beaches of Nordic countries, Yyteri, with 5 km dune coastline and shallow water perfect for water activities. Due its extraordinary environmental values it was awarded Blue Flag status in 2022 as first beach in Finland. Part of the beach is Natura conservation area and Bothnian Sea National Park.

18.10 - 18.40 Transfer to Reposaari island, short tour in wooden village milieu

18.45 - 20.45 Fish-based dinner at restaurant Merimesta with beautiful sunset sea views

20.45 - 21.30 Transfer to Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Pori, check-in


Wednesday 21.9.

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out

08.00 Departure by bus to Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

08.15 Guided visit at SAMK, introduction to innovative learning environments
Future professionals are trained in SAMK. SAMK is a multi-disciplinary and an international higher education institute of approximately 6,000 students and 400 employees. In the west coast of Finland, SAMK is a significant generator of experts as well as a developer, a driving force of internationalization and a promoter of entrepreneurship.

09.15 Departure by bus to Rauma
Rauma, the third-oldest town in Finland, is a unique city, not just in Finland but also on a global scale. Two of the seven Finnish UNESCO world heritage sites are located in Rauma. 

10.15 Guided Tour in Old Rauma, an old Nordic wooden town. Old Rauma is an excellent example of an old Nordic wooden town and Unesco World Heritage Site.

11.15 Departure by bus to Eura, Sieravuori Holiday Resort
Sieravuori Holiday Resort is located in the historical town of Eura, by the beautiful lake Pyhäjärvi. Sieravuori’s spacious green forests and the largest lake in the Southwest Finland offer change to learn many wilderness skills, like fishing, berry picking, making a fire and whittling as well as an opportunity to try different water sports. Hospitable staff, delicious meals and cosy accommodation guarantee a carefree stay.

12.10 Bus tour around Sieravuori premises: cottages, water sports center, sauna, beach

12.30 Lunch at Sieravuori

13.15 Introduction to Sieravuori's services and presentation of Kannisto Domestic Animal Farm

14.00 Departure by bus to Turku

15.15 Local home visit in Turku, with Ms. Heljä Laakso

Want to have "a local touch" for your group? This home is situated near the city center by the Baltic Sea. Ms. Heljä Laakso is your guide and hostess and she will introduce you to the Finnish family life and culture

16.30 Visit to Aurum/Turku University, with Ms. Sanna Launiainen and Ms. Matleena Tuomisto
Science tourism – Day as a scientist -products

17.00 Visit to Educity, with Ms. Susanna Saari
As a multidisciplinary community of 10 000 experts, Turku University of Applied Sciences thrive in attributing to the success of our partners and working life. At the core of all our activities is Innopeda®, a unique pedagogical method developed at Turku UAS. It emphasizes the viewpoints of RDI and working life, providing skills for independent thinking, effective communication and international activities. In these pages you will find some examples working life collaboration at Turku UAS.

18.00 Check-in at Villa Wolax, with Mr. Tino Aaltonen
Villa Wolax is private family owned, historical small resort in Turku Archipelago offering nature experiences and activities by the Baltic Sea. Kuusisto Archipelago Guest Harbour with it´s services is located here, only 20 minutes from Turku and 1,5 hours from Helsinki

Sauna and swimming in Baltic Sea
Finland’s sauna culture has been added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as the first aspect of Finnish culture. The sauna tradition is an integral part of the lives of the majority of Finns. In a sauna, people cleanse their bodies and minds and embrace a sense of inner peace. It is actually a state of mind rather than a ritual of cleanliness.

Barbecue dinner

Thursday 22.9.

08.30 Breakfast
09.15 RIB-boat ride
Please wear warm clothing for the boat ride

10.00 Meet with local partner companies;

-Turku University of Applied Sciences, several products
-Turku University, Science Travel products
-Sunborn Group; Ruissalo Spa & Ruissalo Island as educational travel destination
-Visit Turku; educational and technical visits services of City of Turku and selected Archipelago products for Japanese educational tours

11.50 Check-out

12.00 Lunch at Villa Wolax

12.45 Departure by bus for city tour in Turku

13.10 Turku Cathedral, where we meet official Turku guide and have short visit inside the Cathedral, then walk to Aboa Vetus&Ars Nova for visit inside the underground medieval, archaeological museum

13.50 Walk from Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova to Old Turku Market Hall, completed in 1896
The old and new meet in perfect harmony in the corridors that have existed for more than a hundred years. The Market Hall, which extends the length of an entire block, was designed by architect Gustaf Nyström. There you'll find traditional meat and fish counters, delicatessen and speciality shops, bread, milk and cheese shops as well as restaurants and cafes

14.20 The tour continues by bus from Turku Market Hall towards Turku Castle

Driving along the River Aura, you will see on the way Föri and Kakola Hill, where the most dangerous prison of Finland was located 1853-2007. Today all Kakola buildings are renovated and include residence flats, hotel, bakery, restaurant, brewery, cafes, shop, museum and spa 2023.

The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre
The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is a lively and versatile centre for maritime activities, comprising a national special maritime museum, and the Finnish Navy Museum. In addition to being a maritime place of interest, the Forum Marinum is also a venue for meetings and public events. The Restaurant Göran serves café delicacies and a tasty, varied lunch. The museum shop offers maritime gifts and other articles, literature and high-quality textiles.

The museum provides several interesting exhibitions during a year and displays also a very interesting boat collection. The maritime centre has a considerable collection of museum vessels: two tall sail ships, four naval ships and several smaller vessels, ranging from a steam harbour tugboat to a police boat. The museum ships are open during the summer months only, while the exhibitions are open throughout the year

Ruissalo Island
The unique nature, culture and history of the fascinating Island of Ruissalo is to be found flanking the Turku estuary. Once the hunting island for the court of Turku Castle, the island is easily accessible by land or by sea, only 8 km from city center. Ruissalos's oak forests, charming 19th Century villas, Ruissalo Spa hotel, National Park, Ruisrock rock concert, Honkapirtti restaurant and Botanical Gardens have all combined to make the island famous.

Scenic and well-maintained bike paths offer comfortable distances for the whole family. The rocky outcrops, beautiful sandy beaches, distinctive nature, rolling fields and pretty gardens will lead to love at first sight for all who visit the island

14.45 Ruissalo Spa & Resort, meeting with Ms. Marianne Hilden

Situated in the beautiful nature of Ruissalo Island, hotel provides a stunning setting for nature experiences and outdoor activities allyear round offering diverse treatment, restaurant and recreational services

15.15 Drive to Ruissalo Beach and saunas, meeting with Mr Hannu Toivonen

For educational groups we recommend visit also at:

Turku City Library is an elegant building that combines modern and classic architecture offering culture in it's many forms. The library is the perfect escape from the rush of city into a intellectual and artistic haven

Hansakortteli Shopping Centre
Located in the heart of Turku is Hansakortteli (Hansa Block), a hive for diverse events situated on the edge of Turku's market square. Turku's largest shopping centre is brimming with individuality, with a variety of attractive diversions and interesting offerings. Hansakortteli provides a fantastic shopping experience with many stores and speciality shops as well as a first-class department store

15.30 Transfer by bus to Helsinki

Welcome to Helsinki! – your local guide for the secrets of Helsinki

Accommodation at Hotel Haven, check-in

19.45 Lobby call

20.00 Dinner at restaurant Yes Yes Yes
“Yes Yes Yes!” is a bustling bar & restaurant where food just happens to be vegetarian. Our menu changes eight times a year to reflect the best seasonal produce. We also use these in our cocktails, available with or without alcohol.

Friday 23.9.

Breakfast at the hotel

Educational travel workshop
Hotel Haven, Helsinki
In this workshop, you will get to meet with Finnish educational travel suppliers from several regions.

08.30 Registration

09.00 Workshop (1-2-1 meetings with Finnish suppliers)

12.00-13.00 Networking lunch

14.00 Departure by bus to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

17.45 Finnair flight AY073 from Helsinki to Tokyo

Flights from/to Japan

AY 074 18SEP NRT-HEL 21:40-05:00 (+1)
AY 073 23SEP HEL-NRT 17:45-12:45 (+1)



Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Pori

Villa Wolax

Hotel Haven

Follow the weather



Bring along

  • Comfortable outdoor walking shoes
  • Outdoor clothing (maybe also a cap and gloves)
  • Swimsuit for sauna
  • Happy mood


Sustainable Travel Finland

To help the travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. The programme is designed for tourism companies and destinations in Finland to systematically adapt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations that undergo the entire programme are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

Useful links

Sustainable Travel Finland label
Sustainable Travel Tips
Sustainable Travel Finland: 2022 milestones

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