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Educational Travel Fam Trip and Workshop 19.-24.9.2022


Welcome to discover educational camp school destinations in the regions of Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Tampere and Helsinki!

Equal opportunities and continuous learning throughout life are among the guiding principles of the Finnish society. Finland differs from many other high-ranking PISA countries by having comparatively short school days, little focus on homework and exams and preference of experimental learning out in the nature. This is reflected on the satisfaction of the Finnish pupils – they stand out from their peers in terms of how happy they feel with their own lives. No wonder Finland has been selected as the happiest nation in the world already 5 times in a row!

Finland is one of the pioneers of sustainability development and the theme is also a key content in the national curriculum. In 2015, the member countries of the UN agreed upon a programme for sustainability development, and 17 detailed Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Finland has been one of the first countries to implement the programme, with local focus themes “Carbon-neutral and resource-wise Finland”, and “a non-discriminating, equal and highly skilled Finland”.

One of the main goals for the Finnish travel industry is to develop products and service structures within sustainable tourism, raise sustainability issues in tourism promotion, and to steer tourists to follow the sustainability principles when arriving to Finland. These targets are the basis for the development of Sustainable Travel Finland programme and Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label.

During the trip, you will see how sustainability is an everyday topic made up of small, individual tasks of recycling, saving water and energy, bringing back your own garbage from the forest, respecting the learning of the local school community, and so forth. And maybe you will also discover why Finland is the happiest nation in the world?

Preliminary Program 

Monday September 19

05:30 Arrival in Helsinki Airport with Finnair flight AY042
Transfer by bus to Porvoo
07:00 Arrival at RUNO Hotel in Porvoo
You are welcome to enjoy a lovely breakfast in RUNO Hotel. You will have the possibility to use the unique sauna and spa and relax in peace and quiet after the long flight.
You can leave your luggage in the hotel's cloakroom until further pick-up at 12:30.
09:00 Lobby call
Meet your Visit Porvoo host, Ms Katri Nikiforow and RUNO Hotel's Sales Director, Mr Arttu Hirvonen, at the hotel lobby
09:00 - 09:30 RUNO Hotel site inspection
 Lobby call
Meet your Visit Porvoo guide, Ms Birgitta Palmqvist, at the hotel lobby
09:30 - 10:30 Guided Tour in Old Porvoo
Old Porvoo, with its red-ochre painted riverside warehouses, is one of the most photographed national landscapes in Finland and a steady favorite among travelers. Here you can admire the colorful wooden houses and stroll the winding cobbled streets - as if in a children's story book. Old Porvoos numerous award-winning restaurants, romantic hotels and B&B's, cute cafes, quirky shops, chocolateries and boutiques invite you to stay for longer than just a day. Old Porvoo is also surrounded by a beautiful National Urban Park that stretches over the whole river valley
10:30 Return to RUNO Hotel for a company presentation by Mr Juha Huttunen, CEO of Learn and Educate Finland 
Learn and Educate Finland provides educational camps or courses for both adults and children. They train teachers to support current academic topics and teach variation of pedagogical methods. Learn & Educate offers a variety of courses for children between the ages 7-15. On Go Creative camps students get a chance to challenge their creativity, problem solving skills and thinking skills with the help of trained experts. These camps combine maths, science, music, art, history and drama using phenomenon-based learning and researching
11:30 Lunch at Restaurant Zum Beispiel
After lunch, return to RUNO Hotel to pick-up the luggage
12:30 Transfer to Jokilaakso primary school.
Visit to Jokilaakso school.
Mr Juha Huttunen, CEO of Learn and Educate Finland, will introduce you to the premises of the newest primary school on Porvoo. You will have the possibility to take part to the schools afternoon outdoor activities. Please remember to dress up warmly.
15:00 Departure to Lahti
Welcome to Lahti region!
Situated less than an hour from the Helsinki Airport by train or car the Lahti region is the southernmost part of the Finnish Lakeland. Lahti, the centre of this area, is situated by the lake Vesijärvi which is the southern point of the second biggest lake system of Finland, the lake Päijänne.
Lahti is the leading green city in Finland and a leader of environmental work. In 2021 Lahti was nominated as the European Green Capital. In February 2022 Lahti region was voted among the top 10 European travel destinations in the competition organized by the travel website European Best Destinations. In this voting Lahti was selected as the best sustainable tourism destination in Europe. In January 2022 the global news channel CNN included Lahti among the best destinations to visit in 2022

Accommodation at Pajulahti Olympic Training Center
Pajulahti Olympic Training Center in Lahti offers excellent conditions and sport and leisure facilities for organizing successful school camps and excursions. We have the sole status of Olympic and Paralympic training centre in Finland. Pajulahti is located on the clean lake Iso-Kukkanen, surrounded by beautiful nature, just over an hour´s drive from the capital area and twenty minutes from Lahti city centre. Year-round visits are made easy in Pajulahti - special programs for winter and summer!
17:00 Short introduction of Pajulahti & dinner 

Tuesday September 20

Being an Olympic Training Centre, the Pajulahti kitchen pays high attention to well-balanced and sufficient nutrition. The rich breakfast table includes a lot of healthy local ingredients and dishes which provide enough energy for the daily activities and considers also special dietary if needed
09:00 Sport activity in the area (discipline will be confirmed later) 
10:00 Lesson of circular economy
Lahti – European Green Capital 2021 is a pioneer in the field of sustainability and circular economy. Efficient recycling of waste and reuse of material is one of the most important steps to preserve natural resources and protect the environment. Our recycling game is an educational program in which you learn the basics of recycling and circular economy in an innovative way. 
11:00 Lunch in Pajulahti
12:00 Visit to Linnaistensuo Mire, one of Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark sites
Linnaistensuo mire is a nationally valuable raised bog. The tranquil mire landscape can be admired from the duckboard trail crossing it. Linnaistensuo mire is part of the national mire conservation programme and one of the sites of Salpausselkä UNESCO Global Geopark. During this easy hiking trip our guide will tell more about the Finnish nature, plants and berries, Every man’s right and the geological specifics of Salpausselkä Geopark.
13:30 Circular economy / site inspection to Salpakierto waste centre.   
Salpakierto waste management is a company owned by 9 municipalities in the Lahti region, tasked with performing municipal waste management services. Over the years, the emphasis of its operations has shifted from landfill activities to recycling. Almost 100 % of municipal waste is reutilised every year. Kujala waste centre is an impressive site where during our bus tour we will see in practice how different waste is sorted and sent to reusage. Our technical visit guide will also tell a lot of interesting facts about the environmental work of the city of Lahti.
15:00 Cook like a Finn
The Finnish food is famous for being healthy, sustainably produced and very natural. Seasonal availability of different ingredients makes the Finnish kitchen very special and local. During this program the participants will get an introduction to the natural ingredients in the Finnish kitchen and learn how to make a typical simple and delicious Finnish cooking such as a mushroom pie (sienipiirakka), bilberry pie (mustikkapiirakka) a large pancake on fire (muurinpohjalettu).
17:30 Departure from Lahti
18:30 Arrival at Iloranta – accommodation, dinner and evening activities
Iloranta is an old farm that has hosted guests for nearly 80 years – now already in the fourth generation. In these decades the place has changed and developed to meet the needs of modern day clients. Iloranta is authentic Finnish countryside in the middle of fields and forests on the shores of lake Iso-Roine (Big Roine). Educational travel and technical visit programs dive into Finnish nature, culture, history and educational system. Visit Finland has awarded Iloranta’s educational travel product 

Wednesday September 21

08:30 Breakfast at Iloranta
09:00 School camp program in Iloranta
11:15 Transfer to Ilosen puutyö
11:30 Visit at Ilosen puutyö (Ilonen woodworks)
Ilonen woodworks has been manufacturing various wood products in its workshop for more than 60 years. The operation has developed and new modern equipment is used for large-format printing on wood and laser work on wood. At Ilonen woodwork, you can get to know the family business, carpentry tradition, production facilities and shop
12:15 Transfer to Hämeenlinna  
12:45 Lunch at Vanai Bistro & Bastu
13:45 Guided Tour at Häme Castle  
Häme Castle is a medieval castle in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The Castle was most likely built during the late 13th century to serve as military base in the border zone between Sweden and Novgorod. At the end of the Middle ages the castle was governed by some of the most influential Swedish houses, the Tott, the Sture and the Posse. In addition to its status as a military fortress and home for Swedish nobility, the castle has seen use as a prison, and is currently a museum operated by the Finnish Heritage Agency. The castle is one of the main tourist attractions of southern Finland, being the centerpiece of the city and a popular venue for events, including renaissance fairs
14:45 Transfer to Iittala
15:15 Guided tour at Iittala glassfactory, Design museum Iittala and Kultasuklaa chocolate factory
Iittala Village rounds up everything you must see and experience in the capital of glass manufacturing in Finland, the village of Iittala and the old rural municipality of Kalvola on one website. Experience the magic of glass making, the joy of art, the skillful work of artisans, delicacies for foodies. At the Iittala Glass Factory you can follow the production of all kinds of glass artefacts, as talented glassblowers create Aalto vases as well as Oiva Toikka birds from molten glass. Design Museum Iittala, forming part of the Finnish National Design Museum, presents the history of the glass factory. The largest of the exhibitions is the basic exhibition that presents the glass history of Iittala, and displays internationally acclaimed glass art and prominent serial design products from the late 19th to the 21st century
16:30 Transfer to Tampere 
17:30 Arrival at Varala Sports Institute 
Your host in Tampere, Mr Sami Puttonen from Business Tampere, will meet you upon your arrival.

Varala, a pioneer in its field, was founded in 1909 and has evolved over the years from a small gymnastics centre for women to an active and diverse sport, leisure and education centre that is open to everybody. Varala's approach to sports and leisure is extremely inclusive, ranging from physical education of preschoolers and teachers to recreational activities for businesses, not to mention elderly people and families
19:00 Lobby call 
Departure for dinner in a nearby restaurant

Thursday September 22

Breakfast at Varala
08:30 Check-out
Please leave your luggage at the reception for further pick-up before departure from Varala
08:45 Greetings from Visit Tampere
09:00 Tour around the premises and introduction to Varala Sports Institute
10:30 Meet with Kodarit 
Kodarit is the largest private programming school in Finland. We are proud to have challenged kids, teenagers and adults to dive into the world of coding in a fun and visually comprehensible way since 2015.
11:30 Lunch at Varala
13:00 Meet with Northern Beat 
Northern Beat is a Destination Management Company located in Finland. Our business is mainly focusing on three different business areas:
1. Educational Travel and various camps for young students
2. Providing special and unique travel experiences for groups in Southern Finland and Lakeland
3. Organizing Technical Travel Visits to meet the best and brightest companies in Finland

14:00 Departure from Varala
14:30 Visit to Moomin Museum 
The world's only Moomin Museum opened its doors in Tampere on June 17, 2017. Previously known as Moominvalley, the museum has a permanent new home at the newly renovated Tampere Hall, taking visitors on a magical journey into the fairy-tale world of the original Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson (1914–2001).
17:00 Transfer by bus to Helsinki
Welcome to Helsinki!
19:00 Check-in at Hotel Haven
19:45 Lobby call
20:00 Dinner at restaurant Yes Yes Yes
“Yes Yes Yes!” is a bustling bar & restaurant where food just happens to be vegetarian. Our menu changes eight times a year to reflect the best seasonal produce. We also use these in our cocktails, available with or without alcohol.

Friday September 23

Breakfast at the hotel

Educational travel workshop
Hotel Haven, Helsinki
In this workshop, you will get to meet with Finnish educational travel suppliers from several regions
08:30 Registration
09:00-12:00 Workshop (1-2-1 meetings with Finnish suppliers)
12:00-13:00 Networking lunch
13:30 Lobby Call
Meet your MyHelsinki guide, Bohyun Yoon, at the Hotel Haven Lobby
13:30 Helsinki city tour
The tour focuses on the fresh and surprising character of Helsinki. During the tour you will be introduced to the main attractions of Helsinki as well as to some of the hot spots of the local design scene and explore different types of urban phenomena and venues. You will also discover a few delicious secrets of Helsinki’s food culture. Explore and be inspired!
14:00 Stop at Oodi Library
Oodi is a meeting place, a house of reading and a diverse urban experience. Oodi provides its visitors with knowledge, new skills and stories, and is an easy place to access for learning, relaxation and work. Oodi is a striking building with its glass and steel structures and wooden facade, its design a combination of traditional and contemporary flavours.
15:00 Coffee at Pikku-Finlandia
Little Finlandia, a new wooden pavilion-like experience center, has opened in the middle of the most beautiful area of Helsinki. Finlandia Cafe&Wine’s showcase is filled with a diverse selection. Here are many different delicacies for people that have a sweet tooth. The cafe is already known for its sea buckthorn semla buns! The experience is complemented by our special coffee or tea selection.
15:45 City tour continues
16:30 Walking tour around Senate Square, Market Square and Esplanade Park
17:00 Finnish design shopping
19:00 Dinner at Allas Sea Pool
SEAGRILL is a beach house & sea food restaurant on the second floor of Allas Sea Pool, with stunning sea views and city lights. A relaxing lunch in the gentle sunshine or an atmospheric dinner on the shores of the blurring Baltic Sea.
21:00 Walk back to Hotel Haven


Saturday September 24

Breakfast at the hotel
Free time
11:30 Transfer by bus to Vantaa
Arrival at Fazer Visitor Centre
Fazer's unique visitor centre introduces a memorable exhibition, a Fazer Café and a store. The Visitor Centre also provides inspiring spaces and a multifunctional setting for meetings and different events from cooking and baking schools to chocolate tasting sessions, seasonally themed parties and children’s birthday parties.
 Weekend brunch at Fazer Café Fazerila
13:00 Guided exhibition tour
The exhibition introduces Fazer's operations, long history, stories, wide product range, sustainability and innovations. During the tour you have the possibility to taste Fazer’s products.
Each visitor will be given a product bag at the end of the tour. It is also possible to shop at our store after the exhibition tour.
14:30 Transfer to Helsinki Airport
17:30 Departure with Finnair flight AY041 from Helsinki to Seoul

Have a safe flight home!

Flights from/to Korea

AY 042 18SEP ICN-HEL 21:45-05:30 (+1)
AY 041 24SEP HEL-ICN 17:30-11:00 (+1) 


Pajulahti Olympic Training Center



Hotel Haven

Follow the weather


Bring along

  • Comfortable outdoor walking shoes
  • Outdoor clothing (maybe also a cap and gloves)
  • Swimsuit for sauna
  • Happy mood


Sustainable Travel Finland

To help the travel professionals to make more sustainable choices when creating travel itineraries to Finland, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme. The programme is designed for tourism companies and destinations in Finland to systematically adapt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations that undergo the entire programme are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The label is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

Useful links

Sustainable Travel Finland label
Sustainable Travel Tips
Sustainable Travel Finland: 2022 milestones.    


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