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Smart, safe and sustainable

As consistently ranked among the leaders in various international comparisons, Finland offers a business environment with uniquely high level of stability, continuity and predictability.

The pillars of Finland’s well-functioning society includes transparent government and effective state institutions, an independent judicial system and respect for the rule of law. Finland has firmly established civil liberties and personal freedoms as well as progressive gender equality legislation. 

According to BMI Research, Finland will remain one of the most politically stable countries globally during the forecast period 2016–2025.

Finland's success story in becoming a highly industrialized, knowledge-based and innovative economy is based on free trade and openness to investment in the globalized economy. As a result, the Finnish business climate is very international and attractive to foreign investment. International companies benefit from Finland's reliable infrastructure, highly educated workforce and ease of doing business.

Did you know that Finland's corporate tax rate (20%) is among the lowest in the EU?

Finland is a hidden gem

"For a company like ours, Finland is the ideal base to do research, both from a local and a global perspective. For example, we have our global R&D function here in Finland; it is the fifth largest within the Bayer Group.

In Finland, we have the health register and biobanks, as well as the openness of society – a very open environment for doing research and development. Combined with the mass of available data dating back to the 1960s, this gives us great opportunities for research."

Miriam Holstein
CEO, Nordic Region
Bayer, Germany


From energy supply to transport and ICT networks, Finland offers an outstanding infrastructure for businesses.

Finland was a forerunner in rolling out 3G networks, and has recently launched the most advanced 5G test network in the world. We also have some surprising infrastructure advantages, such as a stable rock-based ground formation and cool weather that are ideal elements for establishing data centres. In general, Finland is a country where everything works.


Finland's workforce is exceptionally well educated and experienced, and know for its high level of productivity and commitment.

In international comparison, Finnish labor costs are competitive in relation to the employees' level of education and experience, and thus to the quality and quantity of output. Finland is among the countries with the best human capital index in the world in terms of education, well-being and employment.

Did you know that Finland has the 2nd most skilled workforce in the world, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report (2019)?


Finland ranks among the World's TOP 10 countries in terms of patented inventions per capita.

Knowledge transfer between companies and universities is a key factor in Finland's innovation and economic success. There is strong collaboration between Finnish industries, research institutes, universities and the government, with a proven track record of delivering disruptive technologies and innovative design.

Finland is also a trusted R&D location and offers an excellent R&D and testing environment for new products, production methods, processes or technologies.


Foreign-owned companies in Finland are eligible for a wide range of government and EU incentives on an equal footing with Finnish-owned companies. Invest in Finland and our national network can help you to find out more information about the different forms of incentives and the contacts you need to apply for them.