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We invite you to explore the rich variety of business opportunities Finland has to offer

Welcome to explore business opportunities in Finland. 

Why Finland

Did you know that Finland is only country using euro in the Nordics? Finland also has the best digital competitiveness in EU according to the digital economy and society index (DESI).

If sustainability is important to your company, welcome to Finland. 

With strong support from the Government Finland continues to invest heavily in sustainable future.

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Practical info about brexit

Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finlad has gathered information about brexit and possible 'no-deal' scenario. You can also find information about free movement of persons, transition period, Brexit & businesses and future relationship between EU and UK.

More information Prime Ministry's Office

More information Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Information in Finnish

Brexit experts
at the ministries
in Finland

Brexit experts at the different ministries answer to questions relating to UK's withdrawal from the EU or forward questions to other experts.

You can find experts here