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Get deep into Finland

Our industry experts provide not only hard facts about Finland, but also insight into industry sectors, Finnish companies, research institutes and universities

Business Guides and fact sheets

Finland Fact Book 2020 in English (PDF)
Opening a corporate bank account in Finland
Business Guide for companies planning to establish in Finland 

Fact Sheet: Labour, Competent professionals to drive your business
Fact Sheet: Expatriate, Making a Business Move to Finland
Fact Sheet: Energy Market
Fact Sheet: Logistics

Hotel Investment Guide Archipelago
Hotel Investment Guide Lakeland
Hotel Investment Guide Lapland

Tax handbook for startups and international investors
Fact Sheet: Largest companies by sector
Fact Sheet: Setting up a business
Fact Sheet: Our services
Fact Sheet: Reliable power to business
Fact Sheet: Taxation in Finland
Fact Sheet: Incentives to Foreign Companies Investing Finland
White paper: Smart Grid market opportunities

Industry Outlines

Outline: Circular Economy, Metal recycling
Outline: Woodconstruction, Building Blocks for Suistainable Success
Outline: Bioeconomy, Kick start your bio-based business

Outline: Bioeconomy, Ideal for biorefineries
Outline: Bioeconomy, Hub for radical innovations from wood
Outline: Maritime, Finland - Digital vanguard with a long tradition in shipbuilding 
Outline: Travel, Finland -The most stable destination for your business
Outline: ICT, Communications technology
Outline: Data Center, The perfect data center location
Outline, Energy storage: World Class Platform for Battery Manufacturing
Outline, Innovative bioproducts: Finland a hub for radical innovations from wood
Outline: Health, Leverage the word’s best ecosystem for Health R&D
Outline, Wind Power: A strong tailwind power growth
Outline: Gaming, The Nordic Gaming Leader
Outline: Wearables, Winning Wearables For A Fitter Future
Outline: ICT, Brainpower for Your Next Big Thing
Outline: Smart Grid, Land on the Future of Smart Energy

Publications in other languages

Business Guide for Russian Companies Planning to Establish in Finland (RU)
Fact Book in Chinese (e-book)
Finland Fact Book 2020 in Japanese (JPN)
Opening a corporate bank account in Finland (JPN)
Finland Fact Book 2020 in Russian (RUS)
Finland Fact Book 2020 in German (DE)