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Finland is the epicentre of the bioeconomy revolution

With renewing solid industry cluster, world-class competence and research, innovative technology, favourable & long-term policies and numerous growth opportunities, Finland offers unique platform for bio-based production & partnering.

Gold is green

About half of Finland's bioeconomy industry consists of the forest industry, which has been the mainstay of the Finnish economy for centuries. Finland's success is based on a deep understanding of the entire bioproduct value chain, world-class experimental research, integration of crossdisciplinary sciences and "open access" pilots and demonstration platforms.

Did you know that Finland is Europe's most heavily forested country – with 86% of its land area under forest?


Fruitful soil for innovation and collaboration

Innovative new biomaterials are already produced by large companies, and to accelerate the transition from basic research to commercialization, research-based start-ups and growth companies are a core part of the business ecosystem. With strong relationships between end-users, companies and researchers, Finland offers an unbeatable development platform for innovation and co-operation.

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These oilfields never stop growing

We are experiencing a biofuel and pulp boom. New refineries and mills are coming, while platforms and resources are ready for further refinement, product formulation and the production of value-added products, such as biochemicals and advanced biomaterials.

Modern Finnish pulp mills are versatile biorefinery hubs that offer attractive ecosystems and investment opportunities for developing new products and technologies.


Strong government support and favourable policies

The National Bioeconomy and Energy & Climate strategies as well as the world's first Circular Economy Roadmap facilitate continuous growth and renewal of the forestry industry – Finland's 2025 vision is that sustainable bioeconomy solutions will form the basis of welfare and competitiveness.

Offering great opportunities

"Finland is a very important location for bioproducts' development and it is Suzano's intention to deepen its presence in the region in order to identify new opportunities."

Vinicius Nonino
Executive Director, New Business
Suzano A/S

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