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Finland is the coolest place for your data

In addition to the cool climate, solid bedrock and uniquely stable society, Finland offers the most cost-efficient and lowest latency location for digital platforms between Europe, USA and Asia.

World's fastest data connections

The ultra-fast optic cable connection to Europe enables the world's fastest data connections to global networks. The forthcoming Arctic Cable, connecting Europe with northern Asia, will further solidify Finland as the ideal location for data center and cloud service companies, hyperscalers and colocation service providers.

Stability in every sense

Solid bedrock, superior digital infrastructure with strong internet connectivity, reliable power grid, steady economy and favourable policies ensure safe operations for data centres in Finland.

Sustainable and innovative solutions

Finland is also committed to battling climate change. Reusing excess heat from data centers for district heating makes perfect environmental sense.

Finnish ICT technologies and know-how are enabled by active collaboration between companies, universities and research institutions, combined with a famously vibrant startup scene and many innovative testbeds.

We have dozens of construction ready sites around the country and our people are ready to help you to get your business up and running. Explore what Finland has to offer for data centres.

Did you know?

Finland has one of the most reliable electric grids in the world – the grid stability is 99.99998% at transmission lines.

Finland has also one of the lowest energy prices in Europe and data centers using more than 5 MW of power also enjoy a lower energy tax rate.

The combination of low-priced power and rock-solid reliability makes Finland the location of choice for cost-effective data centers.

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