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Excellent location in Kuusamo, Northern Finland, on the slopes of the Ruka Mountain. The area is 25 minutes from the airport and with direct access to Ruka Ski and Leisure Resort and services. ​
Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. Fells and forests reach as far as the eye can see, a wilderness split by lakes, rivers and rapids. ​

Business opportunity​

Total area of the property is 71.59 hectares. The area includes 3 smaller plots with construction rights for 75 m2 + 20 m2 per each. The master plan is effective and additional construction needs a separate permission from the City of Kuusamo. Growing tourism plays a significant role in Kuusamo’s development and the city has positive attitude for additional development projects of the area.​
There is a direct road access from south, 500 m to the nearest ski lift - no public road yet, straight access to the Ruka Mountain network of ski tracks and sled tracks.​
The location is ideal for developing a sustainable recreation and leisure center, for winter and summer activities.​

Property for Sale