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Start your life in Finland

Finland truly has it all; clean air, equality, world's best education, efficient healthcare system, outstanding infrastructure, and safe enviroment to raise your children. Finland is calling for all experts interested in pursuing their careers abroad; Build your life around your career by working in the world's happiest country. Come and start your life in Finland.

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Finland - your
the technology haven
the technology haven
the technology haven

Finland is the place to be, so why don't you make it the home of your future.

Welcome to the Finland stand at Emigration Expo 2019!

Are you a talented software developer, specialist in technology, top performer in maritime solutions, or does your expertise lie in life sciences? Do you have kids who can benefit from the best education system in the world and do you work hard but also value your free time?  If this sounds like you, then let’s meet and start working together.

Bring your expertise to the Finland stand at Emigration Expo 2019 in Houten and discover why Finland is a great place to advance your career. Emigration Expo has about 11,000 visitors and it is Europe’s largest event for emigrants, expats, job seekers, entrepreneurs and anyone else looking to live abroad. The Emigration Expo is a must for everyone planning to move abroad, temporarily or permanently.

Join our talented team

We call for all talented professionals interested in pursuing their careers in the world's most innovative country. Explore what we have to offer and start working in Finland!

Sales person, Rovaniemi, Finland

Graphic Designer, Rovaniemi, Finland

CNC Machinists, Espoo, Finland 

Data Management Specialist, Kuopio, Finland 

Why work in Finland?

  • Finland, the happiest country in the world (UN World Happiness Report 2018)
  • Most employee friendly working hours (European Company Survey)
  • Greenest country in the world (Yale University)
  • 3rd in Global Gender Gap Report 2017 (World Economic Forum)
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • 1st in skill development at work (European Working Conditions Survey)

Open opportunities in Finland!

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