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Finland might be the best kept secret among global superpowers in ICT and digitalization. Our innovations enable companies and individuals around the world to enjoy experiences and solutions like never before.

Finland has brought SMS, 5G, and the Linux operating system to the world. You can even find Finnish sensors on Mars.

Finland has a lot to offer - great career opportunities as well as pure nature and a good work-life-balance.

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Why work in Finland?

  • Finland, the happiest country in the world (UN World Happiness Report 2019)
  • Most employee friendly working hours (European Company Survey)
  • Greenest country in the world (Yale University)
  • 3rd in Global Gender Gap Report 2017 (World Economic Forum)
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • 1st in skill development at work (European Working Conditions Survey)

The Finnish education system is known and referenced worldwide.

Finland works

Finland is calling for programmers and developers - become part of the future with Finland. And startups - as you are in Finland, why don't you stay. Finland offers startups coming from outside EU a chance to set-up their business with Startup Permit accompanied by a startup package to help settle in.

Finland works for us, now let it work for you!

For companies

Finnish companies often need professional talents from abroad in order to grow internationally. There are a lot of skillfull and highly educated Indian software developers exploring employment opportunities in Finland.

If you are looking for international talents, India is a good place to consider. Take advantage of the support from the Finnish government, cities and other stakeholders.

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