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Tokyo 2020 Metsä Pavilion

Finland has a unique, purpose-built wooden pavilion in central Tokyo which was opened on 6th October in 2020, on the grounds of the Finnish Embassy in Japan. The pavilion is a first-of its kind combination of Finnish design, architecture and technology. It is one of a kind hybrid platform enabling numerous company and cultural events during its 15-month opening period. The key themes of the pavilion are sustainability, nature and technology.


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Meet Finland in 
Tokyo 2020-2021

Welcome to Finland in Tokyo!

Business Finland, together with the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo and Finnish partner companies, has built Metsä Pavilion, a Home of Finland, in the heart of Tokyo, on the grounds of Embassy of Finland. The wooden pavilion is produced by Main Partner Metsä Group from Finnish wood, grown in sustainably managed forests.

Pavilion has started its operations in October, 2020. Metsä Pavilion will be open until the end of the year 2021. Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, all plans are subject to changes as we want to make sure all visitors and guests can safely visit the pavilion. We are carefully following the instructions by officials in Japan on this topic. 

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, now organized during summer 2021, are the natural highlight of the opening time. During the Games pavilion operates as the official Olympic National Partner House for the Finnish Olympic and Paralympic teams who are hosting pavilion 13:00-16:00 o'clock every game day.

Pavilion is a remarkable platform for Finnish culture and business, and it is the biggest export campaign to Japan in history. The carrying themes of the pavilion are nature, technology and sustainability.

Metsa Pavilion

(c) Helin & Co Architects

 The operating weeks include several thematic weeks and special celebrations take place during the opening time of the pavilion.

Business Finland welcomes you to visit the Metsä Pavilion - Home of Finland during our Open House Events.

Nähdään Metsä-paviliongissa, see you there!

Tokyo Pavilion:

Wooden masterpiece


The Metsä Pavilion is a representative of Finnish wood architecture and Finnish design. Building is constructed of the Main Partner Metsä Group's Kerto LVL® products making it an ecologically sustainable building and efficient project to build. Award-winning Finnish architects Helin & co have designed the Metsä Pavilion.

One of the carrying themes in the pavilion is sustainability, and Kerto LVL® elements enable pavilion to be demolished, sent to another location and rebuilt there. The main idea is to demonstrate to the pavilion visitors how in Finland, wood is used ecologically and sustainably.

The interior is designed by a famous designer Ulla Koskinen.

Read more about the pavilion by clicking here

Olympic National 
Partner House

During the Olympic Games, in between the morning and evening competitions, the pavilion transforms into Home of Finland, official National Partner House of the Olympic team of Finland. During this time it will operate as the PR center and event platform for the teams.

Tokyo City will have a numbers of similar National Partner Houses, which offer a great opportunity for people to get to experience the various cultures and attractive sightseeing spots. In this case, people literally visit Finland, on Finnish (Embassy's) land.

A few Open House Events take place during Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Pre-registration to these events is needed.

Finnish knowhow showcased

Metsä Pavilion is operated by Business Finland, which is a government organization aiming to accelerate the global growth of the Finnish companies.

Our strategy is two-fold: we enable companies to grow internationally and also create world-class business ecosystems and a competitive business environment for Finland.

Metsä Pavilion is our platform in Japan representing growing industries such as food and beverage, health, digital solutions, energy, circular economy, tourism and design which are all going to host events in pavilion.

Get to know the themes

Program &
Open House Events

Metsä Pavilion's opening time is split into thematic days and weeks such as “Bio & Circular week”, “Visit Finland week” (tourism), “Sauna and Lifestyle week” and “Food from Finland week”. Thematic weeks highlight the Finnish key industries and expertise.

Open House Events are open for anyone to register. Open House Events promote Finnish knowhow and culture and program is organized in co-operation with pavilion’s partner companies, Finnish Embassy in Tokyo, Finnish institute and associations relating to Finland.