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Closer look at the wooden pavilion

Pavilion architecture and building

Metsä Pavilion themes are sustainability, technology and nature. These themes guide the project: we build and act sustainably, bring new technologies to the front and draw strength and inspiration from nature and its many forms. 

The pavilion takes advantage of high-quality wood products – which function as a long-term carbon stock – in a variety of ways. The pavilion is built by elements, which can be transported to the site, unloaded, built to its final form, disassembled, moved again, and re-assembled. On project side, this means shorter building period and less waste.

The architectural design is carried out by Helin & Co Architects; a world-known Finnish architect Pekka Helin has designed the wooden Metsä Pavilion. Metsä Pavilion is an example of innovative architecture based on industrially manufactured wooden elements that create an elegant look. Helin & Co Architects is recognized for its sustainable and inspiring architecture, thoughtful design solutions and harmonious integration of buildings into the existing surroundings, such as the Finnish Embassy’s grounds in the case of the Metsä Pavilion.

The building will be made entirely from Metsä Wood’s Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements. Kerto® LVL products are ecologically sustainable and efficient in terms of their material. The production process of the materials and elements generates very little waste. The elements will be pre-assembled at the plant of Metsä Wood’s partner company and, thanks to this, assembly on site will be rapid. The Metsä Wood’s Open Source platform is available for anyone to build a similar building elsewhere in the world.

Follow the Pavilion story by Metsä Wood:

Case Metsä Pavilion by Metsä Wood

For further information, please contact: Henni Rousu, Metsä Wood, henni.rousu (at)

Interior Design

Pavilion interior is designed by Ulla Koskinen, who has worked with the numerous Finnish companies including Artek, Durat, Kannustalo, Marimekko and Woodnotes, where she is the creative force in the design team.

Pavilion interior was a new kind of a challenge for Ulla Koskinen, but her vision was make Metsä Pavilion  the best design showcase of Finland and Finnish brands in Japan. As a result, visitors will find many familiar Finnish design furniture and decoration inside the pavilion.

From the start, her idea was to create a Scandinavian feeling close to nature and respect the light wooden colors of the pavilion. As the space will be used in many forms and functions, she seeks to make the space alive in its full range of functions from official lecture setup to lounge for relaxation.

Koskinen studied textile and clothing design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.