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Low carbon solutions from Finland

Finland is a leading country in combating climate change with circular economy solutions. It means rethinking everything from energy, resources and products. It is a new economic model involving all industries.

Finland created the world’s first National Road Map to a Circular Economy (2016–2025) which shows Finland’s plans to reform its economic model to ensure successful sustainability, clean environment and a good life. In the field of circular economy, we can rely on our traditionally strong forest industry.

Finland has world-class know-how in developing innovative biobased products and technologies. The industrial exploitation of wood-based biomass is in transformation, creating compelling new possibilities. Wood is now used as a raw material for diverse value-added products and revolutionary biomaterial innovations like packaging materials and textile fibers.

In renewable energy production, Finland’s focus areas are wind and solar power generation, Power-to-X solutions, biofuels and bioenergy. Especially R&D is increasingly focusing on developing Power-to-X solutions. The combination of all these developments creates opportunities in the renewable energy markets.