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A Small Giant in Smart Healthcare

Finland is introducing the newest smart technologies to the world. We are in the forefront of revolutionizing health and a recognized world-class healthcare innovation hub.

Finland has a unique combination of high-quality health data and an open society of trust. Our patient records are in electronic format. International researchers have a national one-stop-shop access to our data, including population-based biobanks, comprehensive digital healthcare registers and electronic medical records.

Our innovation friendly legislation elevate research, innovation and investment opportunities across health and wellbeing from disease prevention to predictive and personalized medicine and new methods of treatment, with full focus on data privacy and security.

Finland is a global leader in digital health. Health tech is the largest and one of the fastest growing export segments of high-tech industry (Healthtech Finland 2019). We have the best availability of latest technologies, scientists and engineers, which enables the recognized position for us (World Economic Forum global competitiveness Index 2017-2018). Finnish life-saving innovations are utilizing exponential technologies like AI, XR, and 3D more creatively than ever.

Finland’s flexible business environment, strategic government support and buzzing start up culture enable the growth of innovations; for several years Finnish startups have been the most attractive VC investment targets in Europe (The Finnish Venture Capital Association).

Culture of trust and innovative friendly environment

Our culture of working together creates public-private cooperation and business ecosystems that generate innovation and growth. Our ecosystems consist of companies, research organizations, cities and municipalities, government regulators as well as innovation and internationalization accelerators working closely together for common good. We value international cooperation and networks. Finland offers a business environment with uniquely high level of stability, continuity and predictability.

We have a competitive ability to combine medical, engineering and health technology know-how. Major global players have chosen Finland as a location for R&D centres of excellence.

Finland is amongst the most technologically advanced, innovative and dynamic economies in the world, providing better living conditions and better social protection than our peers, cohesively and sustainably. (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2019).