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Metsä Pavilion Travel week

Visit Finland organizes a travel thematic week on November 16th-22th at the Metsä Pavilion. The idea of the week is to travel experientially and virtually through Finland with the help of different kind of senses.

Finland is known for its nature, and travelers often fall in love with the clean air, silence, forests and its free treasures, such as bilberries, mushrooms, and wild herbs. A daily connection with nature is something Finns appreciate.

Four unique regions to visit in Finland

FInnish Lakeland is famous for its lakes, summer cottages and saunas. The Coast and Archipelago is known for its beautiful sea life and the world's largest archipelago. Helsinki is the coastal capital of Finland with a great design and art scene offering endless options to buy Finnish design. Lapland is best known for Northern Lights which season starts from August onwards.

Happiest people on the World

Finland was chosen by the United Nations as the world’s happiest nation for the third year running in March. But what is Finnish happiness: Finnish happiness isn’t skin deep and immediately visible – it’s deeply engrained in our being. Sustainable happiness is our superpower, and it means we tend to take life as it comes. We appreciate the small things in our daily lives, such as sitting quietly on a bench and staring at the empty lake after a relaxing sauna session or taking a morning dip in the sea before going to work.

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