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Lakeland around by bus, train and bike


Day 1 xx

After you have arrived in Finland, train is the greenest choice for traveling around. In Lakeland you can travel around by bike,  by coach and by train. Our road trip suggestion is based on traveling longer trips by train and bus and scenic routes by bike.

Welcome to Finland, let’s start the trip! 

Day 2 


Day 3 

Departure for XX


Day 4 

Full day to explore the 


Day 5 



Day 6 XX


Day 7 XX


Day 8 XX



Total route by train apprx.  km
Total route by bus apprx.   km
Total route by bike apprx.   km

Sustainable Travel Options

Food – local, fresh, wild and pure

Follow the weather


Bring along

  • International driving permit
  • Comfortable outdoor clothing
  • Swimsuit for sauna


Sustainable Travel Finland

Sustainable Travel Finland label will make it easier for travel trade and travellers to recognise a tourism company and destination that takes sustainability seriously. Achieving a Sustainable Travel Finland –label became possible on June 1, 2020, and the first companies have already been awarded with the label. Find sustainable travel options at Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland webpage.

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