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World ideas come from Finland

Finland has all that is needed for developing solutions in fields, such as AI, health tech, bioeconomy, AR/VR and next generation learning. The operating environment in Finland is stable and predictable; the business culture straightforward and non-corrupt. For companies doing business in Finland, this means easy access to the right people and smooth business operations. And our capital, Helsinki is the place to be for start-ups.

Finland - the technology haven

One could say that if there is technology, there are Finns involved. And there is a reason for this.

Welcome to the Finland stand at Slush 2018!

The Finnish education system is known and referenced worldwide. It is the backbone that ensures Finland keeps producing innovations to the world such as SSH encryption, SMS,.... and of course Angry Birds. And as a telltale sign of a forward looking society, the Finnish companies are introducing augmented reality and 3D modelling solutions to teaching. Not forgetting gaming, where the global success has ensured that Finns develop top notch virtual reality and augmented reality gaming experiences.

Artificial Intelligence being our government's priority the goal is to be the most advanced country in AI usage. And this is not just a slogan as Finland has been conducting AI/neural network research since 1960's. Now there are solutions to help with daily lives such as needle free glucose test and mixed reality used to measure bone density. But intelligence in Finland extends also to circular economy – for us saving the world is growth business. Finland leads the way with smart and sustainable solutions and our companies develop new innovative ways to keep materials and their value in the cycle as long as possible.

Finland works

Finland is calling for programmers and developers - become part of the future with Finland. And startups - as you are in Finland, why don't you stay. Finland offers startups coming from outside EU a chance to set-up their business with Startup Permit accompanied by a startup package to help settle in.

Finland works for us, now let it work for you!

Check the Finnish World Ideas at Slush

This year the Finland Booth at Slush is powered by Business Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Come and meet us at stand 6B91!

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