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Tips how to develop your business

This section provides you with information on how to develop your business, get funding and expand your networks

Finding a workspace

Co-working has been a trend for some time in Finland and this has led to the emergence of multiple inspirational co-working spaces. Starting your business by working at a co-working space is an excellent way to share experiences and develop ideas together with other people – and to have fun while you're at it.  

While some co-working spaces in Finland are free of charge, they are provided at a monthly rate. Many of the co-working spaces also frequently organize events.

As your company will eventually and typically relocate into its own office space, you can reach out to your accelerator for local offering.

Accelerators and workspaces

Getting funding

All entrepreneurs with freshly established business in Finland can apply for public funding matching to their own investments. Each company has an equal chance to get funding – the brightest idea and the great team is what matters.

Private investment companies and angel investors also have a lot of interest in collaborating with international startups in Finland.

Dealflow Finland platform makes your company visible for thousands of investors. The investors can easily find and directly contact your company through the platform.

Different sources of funding 



Applying to accelerator and incubator programs

Accelerator and incubator programs are worth considering as entrepreneurs get support from different mentors through their experience and knowledge. Accelerator programs are also a good way to meet investors and connect with potential customers.

Often the most important thing about accelerator and incubator programs is that they provide you with a dynamic environment full of like-minded people that continuously support you forward with your business.

A comprehensive list of different accelerators in Finland

Building professional network

The startup community in Finland caters a variety of events throughout the year. These events are excellent gateways to networking with fellow entrepreneurs, meet up with investors and potential clients and to build a name for your business. 

The year's biggest event is undoubtedly Slush – the world's leading startup event that connects startups and tech talent with top-tier investors, executives and media.

Startup communities and events