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Visit Finland is responsible for administering ADS approved operators list in Finland. The list is updated and sent twice a year to CNTA (National Tourism Administration of the People’s Republic of China).


If the company has an approved ADS-status in any other EU-country, the company can also be included in the Finnish ADS-list by sending copy of the list and company contact details to Visit Finland.

Any other company applying for listing shall submit the following information and meet the following qualifications:

Contact details:

  •     Trade name
  •     Postal address
  •     Telephone number
  •     Email address
  •     Website
  •     Business ID number
  •     Main line of business
  •     Contact person, title
  •     If the applicant has a representative in China, provide
  •     ADS representative(s) in China
  •     Representative’s email
  •     Representative’s web site

Additional information and guidance:

  • Postal address must be a street address, mere P.O.Box does not suffice
  • Company must have been in travel & tourism business for at least one full financial year using the Business ID number indicated in the application and have filed official audited accounts. Visit Finland may utilize available credit information sources in Finland/abroad in order to evaluate the company´s economic and financial standing (Company Credit Rating). The Finnish company must be registered and active in Finnish Trade Register.
  • Web page(s) must be at least in English, preferably also in Chinese
  • If the main line of business of the applicant is other than travel & tourism, the relative share of travel & tourism must be meaningful for the company; e.g. mere consultancy does not qualify
  • On top of the information about the ADS representative in China, the application gets boosted if the applicant can identify reputable other business contacts in China
  • The curriculum and personal history of the owner(s) and person(s) primarily responsible for the applicant’s business in Finland must be clean of any kind of crime, fraud, tax evasion, employee harrassment or other illegal or unfair action
  • Even if the applicant meets all the requirements listed above, Visit Finland reserves the right to disapprove the application, if such reasons emerge which put the applicants trustworthiness in doubt
  • If the applicant is listed but later misbehaves or otherwise has lost some of the qualifications, the company may be erased from the list
  • Likewise, the company shall be erased from the list if it goes out of business, changes owners, merges with a non-listed company, or if any other obvious reason for erasure crops up

On request the applicant must provide more information of its business and company, and accept an interview by Visit Finland

The application for ADS-listing should be sent to:

Visit Finland
Re: ADS-listing
P.O. Box 358
00181 Helsinki

or by email to: