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Attractive work opportunities and outstanding work-life balance

Finland offers plenty of job opportunities for professionals from around the world. Advance your career in the world's most innovative country.

Ever thought about finding a job in Finland? Right now, it's also a great career choice.

Finland has a vibrant innovation ecosystem, a booming startup scene and a one of the leading ICT and gaming industries in the world. We offer plenty of work opportunities in ICT, gaming and more.

The Finnish ICT industry has an impressive track record of world-changing innovations, including modern mobile messaging, 5G mobile data and the Linux operating system. Currently, Finnish companies are developing technologies for example in 5G, 6G, AI and industrial IoT.

Finland is the best place in the world to develop games, with decades of know-how and lots of talent. Finnish gaming studios include globally known names such as Supercell, Rovio, Nextgames and Remedy Entertainment.


Voted the best country in skills development, working in Finland helps you advance your career in all industries. And employee-friendly working hours mean you can enjoy an excellent work-life balance. Nature is close to everyone in Finland.

If you have children, Finland is the right choice for you. Finland offers a world-class education system and a safe, healthy society.



Fast track to Finland

The new fast track service is open for specialists, startup entrepreneurs and family members applying together with them. With fast track you can get your residence permit in 14 days!

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Yasmine - World's happiest video artist

Finland is known to offer great working conditions and a superb work-life balance.

Saurabh - The world’s happiest senior software developer

“You will always be working with the latest cutting-edge technologies.”

Maria - The world’s happiest software developer

"In Finland it's actually possible to have a career and still to have time for yourself."

Why work in Finland?

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