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Efficient and egalitarian, the Finns work hard but also know how to play

Finns have a reputation as reliable people who get things done, regardless of the challenges along the way. But this hard-working nation also loves its leisure time, enjoying a relaxing sauna and lakeside cottage escapism as well as relishing multifarious sporting and cultural activities (including some quirky and extreme pursuits).

The Finns like to make sensible use of their time. They follow schedules, meet deadlines, plan in advance and expect the same from others. At work, Finns expect well-defined targets and processes, while taking authority and responsibilities seriously. Finns are careful and gather background information in advance, but they make decisions quickly once they have the necessary facts.

Equality is at the very heart of Finnish society. Finland is one of the most gender-equal countries in the world (The Global Gender Gap) and was the first country to grant full political rights to women in 1906. Women have already served as President of the Republic and President of the Supreme Court. A female professor, executive or CEO is nothing exceptional in Finland and, overall, 49% of all employed people are women.

Regardless of their position in the company, most people are on a first-name basis. Finnish companies generally have a flat organizational structure and informal work relationships are commonplace. A healthy sense of humor is an asset at the workplace. The Finns work hard but also greatly value their free time with family and friends. The best way to experience Finnish culture is to join in the many activities, events and celebrations that take place throughout the year. If you love singing then you are in the right place - Finnish people are also very fond of karaoke.