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We offer funding and advisory services for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and midcap companies that seek to grow in global markets. We are looking for companies with the willingness and potential for international growth, a good team, a business idea with a competitive advantage, adequate own resources and financing. 

Forerunner businesses are built on brave new openings and networks that span across various industries and involve partners from small and large companies, research organisations and public sector. We provide services for large companies' business renewal and the establishment of new networks.We can also fund research organisations' projects that create a basis for new business activities and international growth.

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Business Finland offers services and funding for developing innovations and international growth together with the Team Finland network (Business Finland, Finnvera, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, ELY Centres, TE Services). Introduce your business plan via our secure contact form. Our advisors will review the plans and will be able to suggest the most suitable Business Finland services for you. We will contact you within a week. 

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Other services for companies

Enterprise Finland telephone service offers information about the public enterprise services and guidance on starting up your own business. The service is targeted to companies operating in Finnish markets. 

Enterprise Finland telephone service
Tel. +358 295 020 500

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