Smart Energy

The Smart Energy program supports Finland's smart energy industry and helps companies to grow in international energy markets.

Even Smarter Energy

The Smart Energy program supports Finland's smart energy industry and helps companies to grow in international energy markets. The program builds networks and ecosystems to boost the competitiveness of Finnish companies and to bring investments to Finland. 

About the program

Program goals

  • Support Finnish innovations and export networks.
  • Build and develop a strong smart energy competence base.
  • Help the emergence and growth of new companies.
  • Challenge the energy industry to utilize digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and internet of energy, etc.

The program builds networks and ecosystems that enhance the international competitiveness of Finnish companies and attract investments to Finland. 

The program offers

  • Companies and research organisations can apply for funding from Business Finland at any time. Read more about our funding services here.
    Please contact us before applying for funding
  • New business ecosystems and testing platforms. The program activities will create new networks, ecosystems and testing platforms that will accelerate the competitiveness of Finnish companies in growing international markets, and also attract foreign investments to Finland.
  • Internationalization services for companies offering smart energy solutions. The major themes of Business Finland’s energy growth program are bioenergy and waste-to-energy as well as smart networks and smart buildings.The services of the growth program can be used by companies that are developing smart solutions. Read more about the services and register in the program.
  • Visibility for the subject area and the companies in the program.

Why the smart energy program?

  • The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation influenced by the growth of clean, weather-dependent energy production, the development of energy storage, IoT and digitalization, systems thinking and new business models.
  • Global investments in clean energy reached record levels in 2015, totalling USD 329 billion, and their growth will continue at an annual rate of almost 10%. The investments will exceed USD 1200 billion in 2030.
  • Analysts forecast up to 15% CAGR based on turnover in the period 2016-2020.
  • In Finland, the target for the share of renewable energy of final consumption is 38% by 2020. In 2016, the share of renewable energy was already 45% of electricity consumption.
  • Finland is aiming for carbon neutral energy production, increasing the share of renewables above 50%, and increasing the number of electric cars to 250,000 vehicles by 2030.
  • Renewable energy technology, smart networks, power electronics and automation know-how make up a significant share of Finland’s exports, and their share has also been increasing during the recession of the past few years.
  • Finland is committed to the international Mission Innovation (MI) initiative, where the target is to increase clean energy innovations to address climate change by doubling the member countries’ innovation funding by 2020.

TESTing platforms and ecosystems in the smart energy program

The Smart Energy program develops testing platforms and innovation ecosystems that will accelerate the competitiveness of Finnish companies and their export of know-how to growing international markets, and will also attract foreign investments to Finland. The ecosystems also open opportunities for small and medium-sized companies to access energy markets that require large investments.

The development of new business and new solutions requires possibilities for testing. Testing platforms offer the opportunity to test, pilot and also implement research and development projects in the focus areas of the program. These include smart networks, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable and smart energy solutions and systems, their related products and services as well as resource-wise solutions based on user needs.

Rather than developing a single technology, it is preferable to develop ecosystems and technology integration into a smart system. The aim is to create several testing platforms in Finland that are internationally attractive, and also bring investments to Finland. The following testing platforms have already been established as part of the program:

New testing platforms will be established during the program according to need.

Join the program

Companies can apply for funding any time. Application periods for research institutes are organized separately.

Please contact us before applying for funding.

Online service


Batteries from Finland

Business Finland has launched Batteries from Finland, a two-year activation program for the battery sector to get Finland into the European and global battery networks.  The activities aim to contribute to improving the Finnish knowledge base and increasing Finland’s international competitiveness throughout the value chain from raw materials and battery cell manufacturing to various battery-related applications and services.

Batteries From Finland activation program is coordinated by Seppo Kaikkonen, tel. +358 40 0399 688, seppo.kaikkonen(at)


Energy program



The Energy Program boosts the exports of growth-hungry energy companies who have the desire and ability to expand their business to international energy markets.


  • Receive market studies.
  • Get a shortcut to the right projects and partners in the target markets.
  • Participate in the program's own B2B and delegation visits in the target markets.
  • Join training to help your export capabilities, e.g. financing.
  • Get a visibility and marketing boost by being part of a joint Finnish energy offering.


You can join the Program by sending an email to Program Director Helena Sarén.

The commitment fee for one year is €1000 for SMEs and €2000 for large companies. Additionally, there can be case-related minor costs (fair stand, local transportation, etc.). Companies are responsible for their own traveling and accommodation costs.

Contact us

Program Director Helena Sarén
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W2E & bioenergy
Saku Liuksia
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High Permorance Buildings
Petri Lintumäki
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Smart Energy China
Kirsi Koso
+358 50 463 2244
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Contact us

Head of Smart Energy
Helena Saren

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Batteries from Finland
Seppo Kaikkonen

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