New Space Economy

Innovation funding, networks and export services for Finnish space companies.

Finnish space expertise on the map

​A new global transition phase is currently taking place where the space industry players, roles, and ways of doing things are changing. The New Space Economy program aims to exploit the growth potential of international space business.


Business Finland's New Space Economy program offers funding, networks and export services for developing international space related business.

Target groups

The New Space Economy program funds startup companies that are reforming the sector, growth-seeking manufacturing companies, and businesses focused on data utilization. Companies must be registered in Finland.

The program also funds Finnish space research.


The objective of the New Space Economy program is to double the exports of the participating companies by 2020 and to reach an annual turnover of €600 million in the services provided by the sector.

The objective is supported by the establishment of the European Space Agency (ESA) business incubation centre Finland, offering a good platform for 50 growth-seeking companies for a liftoff to the international markets in the coming years.

Great Finnish space know-how

The Space Finland website presents space-related activities from a national, business, and research perspective.

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