Personalised health

Better health and new business

Personalised health program covers Finnish innovation and top-level research. Aim is to create a new business around individualized healthcare platforms.

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Business Finland´s goal is to make Finland a pioneer in the personalised healthcare field, creating a new type of healthcare platform, leveraging Finnish data warehouses and promoting business growth.

The preparatory work has identified the Finnish business area for health and wellbeing as well as the actors and their needs, and what kind of measures will be expected from the program.


One of the megatrends of health care is that the treatment is transformed from mass-oriented care towards individual care. Identifying individual effects through, for example, genetic research enables the move from "one disease – one drug" -thinking in the development of medicines into identifying the individual effects of treatment. Personalised medicine gives you the opportunity to anticipate and prevent diseases as well as find the right care at the right time to the right people.

The Business Finland personalised health program supports Finnish innovation and top-level research and creates new business around personalised healthcare area, promotes growth and renews and creates new business life. The program also helps growth companies to raise venture capital and R&D funding, grows new know-how and attracst international venture capital, R&D and business units to Finland.

See the Personalised health program introduction here.

Upcoming events and campaigns

Swiss Nordic Bio, 7.2.2019 Zurich, Switzerland

European Healthtech Investment Forum, 12.-13.3.2019 Helsinki, Finland

HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, 11.-13.6.2019, Helsinki, Finland 

Past Events and campaigns

HealthBio Seminar & Partnering Day, Turku, Finland, 5.-6.9.2018

Nordic Life Science Days, Stockholm, Sweden, 10.-12.9.2018

Team Finland visit to Switzerland with Minister Saarikko 17.-19.9.2018 

Team Finland-visit to Japan 9.-12.10.2018

Health Tuesday: Horizon 2020 Funding in Health and Wellbeing: Get up, stand up: apply for your grant (7.1.2019)

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