accelerating the early-stage growth of startups

PLEASE NOTE: The Kiito-funding service for small and mid cap companies ended on 15 October 2018, but has been replaced with the Tempo funding service under almost the same terms and conditions. The reporting requirements have been lightened compare to Kiito, and there is no need to provide cost statements.

For whom?

The Tempo funding service is intended for startups that have been operating for under five years and are registered in Finland. Business Finland can offer funding for promising startup companies, which aim to enter the export markets and whose product or service idea has a competitive edge in the chosen market area.

What do we fund?

The Tempo funding service is suitable for small and mid cap companies seeking to reinvent themselves and grow on the international market.

Tempo funding is suitable for startups aiming for the export markets, whose product or service idea has a competitive edge in the chosen market area.

Please fill out the 'Test your idea form' before submitting your application, or contact a Business Finland expert.


With the funding, your company can improve its potential for international growth, test the functionality of its business concept, obtain feedback from potential customers, and investigate demand in a new international market.


Your company has a clear growth vision for the international markets/the ability to export and grow.

  • It has a clear idea of its competitive advantage in the market.
  • You understand what need your product or service idea meets.
  • You have identified the potential clientele and earnings model.
  • You have estimated the size and business potential of the target market.
  • Key employees are committed to the company and its growth strategy.
  • The company has sufficient resources and own funding for its development.
  • The startup company's team has a wide range of skills and at least one full-time person responsible for developing the company's business.

What can the funding be used for?

We use Tempo funding to fund e.g.

  • the creation internationalization strategy
  • market analyses
  • the testing of demand for the product and service concept
  • piloting of the product and service concept among customers
  • market validation
  • test marketing
  • the development of management, practices and the organization
  • the analysis of growth funding
  • drawing up an IPR report and patent analysis


During the application stage, we will agree on 2-5 clear and measurable goals which the Tempo funding will be used to achieve. The goals will be selected from your starting points, in order to promote your growth and internationalization. The goals may be as follows:

  • Realization of customer pilots
  • Growing the company's turnover
  • Increasing the number of customers
  • Development of internationalization processes
  • Strengthening the partner network
  • Making progress with funding arrangements
  • Strengthening the team, advisers and/or Board of Directors

Goal achievement will be an important factor when considering possible funding for the next stage of the project.


Introduce your plan to us via our online form. We will be in touch within a week.

Fill in the form

Amount of funding

The maximum amount of Tempo funding is EUR 50,000. Funding from Business Finland covers 75 percent of the project's total budget. This funding constitutes a grant which does not have to be paid back.

We will pay 70 percent of the funding (up to EUR 35,000) after the funding decision, and the remainder in conjunction with the project's final report. For Midcap, the entire funding will be paid in conjunction with the final report.

Company's own funding

Your company must have sufficient funding of its own for the project's completion.

As a general rule, from start-ups we require EUR 30,000 in equity financing as the company's own funding for the project.

Please note: In some cases, the company may apply to organizations such as Finnvera for the co-financing of projects funded by Business Finland. However, because in the case of Tempo funding, the proportion of public funding is exceptionally high (75 percent), own funding should come from private sources. Finnvera does not grant entrepreneurial loans as own funding for Tempo projects.

Funding terms

Tempo funding is a de minimis grant

How to design and implement a Tempo project

How to apply for funding

Get in in touch with our 'Test your idea service' or your contact person before submitting the actual application, in order to find the most suitable financial service for you.

Send the application, including attachments, via the Online Service. In the application, you must describe the current state of the business; its personnel, resources and future growth vision; the goals and costs of the project; and the work involved.

Project plan

A project plan is required for the application. The plan can be either entered directly in the application form fields, or attached to the application as a separate file. If necessary, you can use the Tempo project plan template as the framework of your project plan..

Financial information on the company

The following attachments must be provided with a Tempo application:

  • An income statement no more than two months old and a balance sheet from the account ledger for the current accounting period

For decision-making purposes, we may also request additional information as required.


At the end of the Tempo project, the company must report on the project's results and how well the targets were achieved. Reports must be submitted via the Online Service.

Companies do not have to report the project's actual costs or submit the auditor's report. It is nevertheless important for companies to follow their expenses in Tempo projects and keep any material on services purchased with our funding, as well as information on those who worked on the project and the salaries paid to them.

Eligible costs

Costs can be approved from the date when the application was sent. Eligible costs include:

  • Pay and purchased professional services in accordance with the project plan.
    • A maximum of EUR 19/h (EUR 3,000/month) can be budgeted in the project for the salaries of the startup's owners, if their holding is at least 10 percent.
  • Indirect personnel costs
    • Indirect personnel costs may not exceed 50 percent of the wages paid.
  • Purchased services
    • Purchased services must be itemized.
    • Services purchased from interested parties will not be accepted
    • Purchased services must be put out to tender in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, if the sum of a single purchase or series of linked purchases is EUR 60,000 or more.
  • Other costs will be accepted up to the amount of 20 percent of the sum of wages and purchased services. It is not necessary to itemize these other costs.

We do not fund

  • expenses incurred during the routine activities of the company
  • costs incurred in supporting of exports or export marketing
  • direct investments in building distribution channels
  • vocational education

Tempo funding is a form of the de minimis aid

Tempo funding is subject to the terms of the de minimis grant. The maximum sum of de minimis aid that can be granted to one company over the current and two previous fiscal years is EUR 200,000. Business Finland will award up to EUR 150,000 in de minimis grants over this period of time.

Your company must assess how much de minimis funding it has received in previous years at the application stage. Such aid is granted by many public organizations, such as Finnvera and the ELY Centres.

Frequently asked questions about Tempo funding