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International accelerator programs

Participate in an accelerator program in your target market to validate your product-market-fit and to create contacts to potential investors, partners and customers.

Participate in accelerator programs


Small and medium-sized companies entering global markets. A suitable company

  • is aiming at rapidly scaling up international business
  • has a product ready for a launch
  • has a dedicated team (at least two of the founders work full-time)
  • is looking for private investments


Business Finland doesn't have partnership agreements with international accelerators but SMEs can apply for Business Finland funding to cover part of the participation costs. You need to submit the funding application to us before the program begins. The participation fee is an eligible costs only, if your company has not paid it before submitting an application to Business Finland.

Funding is De minimis aid covering 75 % of the project's overall costs.


  • You can cover participation costs by using Tempo funding
  • Before applying please contact Business Finland's contact persons for this service.
  • Submit the application to Business Finland, after you have been accepted into an international accelerator program
  • Write the name of the accelerator program as a reference
  • Eligible costs include salaries, indirect personnel costs, purchased services and other costs.