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Participate in accelerator programs

Below you can find links and videos to some of the best known accelerators in Latin America. 

Accelerator programs

Peru and Colombia 


UTEC Venture

  • Peru, Latin America 
  • Application period: All the time 
  • Time and duration of the program: 3 intensive months, 3 follow up months 
  • Go to accelerator's home page


BBVA Bancomer Mexico – Momentum program

  • Country / region: Mexico and other countries 
  • Application period:  Q1 or Q2 of each year 
  • Time and duration of the program: Once the winner companies are chosen, they start a 5-month program that includes formation, strategic support, funding, collaboration and networking. BBVA Momentum looks for persons (companies) that create and promote innovative and sustainable solutions for social and environmental problems. Since the launch of the program in 2011, companies from Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Turkey, Peru and the United States have participated. 
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MassChallenge accelerator programs

  • Mexico and other countries 
  • Application period: Q1 or Q2 of each year. 
  • Application fee ($45 USD before the early bird deadline, $99 USD before the regular deadline) 
  • Time and duration of the program:For our early-stage accelerator programs in Boston, Israel, Switzerland, Mexico, Texas, and the UK:  Accept applications for early stage startups across all industries, from anywhere in the world. Once the companies are selected, they participate in a four-month, industry-agnostic accelerator where they receive:
      • Hands-on support from top mentors and expert
      • Free co-working space
      • Access to MassChallenge’s unrivalled network of corporate partners
      • Tailored workshops and office hours
      • The opportunity to win a portion of more than $2M in cash prizes
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Techtools Ventures. Legal name is JGI Finanças Investimentos e Participações S.A

  • Brazil and Latin America
  • Application Period: Open 2 groups per year for 12 to 15 companies focused 100% in Health 
  • Duration of program: 6 months, which could be extended to 12 months
  • Go to accelerator's homepage

Contact us

Peru and Colombia

Jorge Fernandez

Senior Advisor
+51 960 856 203
jorge.fernandez (at)


Juan Pablo Romero

+52 1 55 3200 0532
juan.romero (at)


Joao Bordon

+55 11 989 422 882
joao.bordon (at)